I have been an on and off pro wrestling fan for over 15 years now having seen things from highlights such as Shawn Michaels' first WWF Title win at Wrestlemania XII and the New World Order's early days in WCW to duds like the Katie Vick storyline and the Fingerpoke of Doom as one of many things that led to WCW's demise. While I don't specialize entirely on writing, I have minored in communications in college from my alma mater at Southern Vermont College having written articles, edit them and organize the content for my college's newspaper during my final semester at college. I do frequently check out humorous pro wrestling sites like Botchamania and Wrestlecrap to become more familiar with the worst angles, gimmicks and matches to ever come out of pro wrestling and get some laughs off it. Beyond pro wrestling, I also have interest in video games and animation having a good amount of knowledge on all three mediums.

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  • Ross Eightch posted 2046 days ago

    Ross Eightch

    Hey, Ive been a huge fan for many years,

    I am an editor and founder on the new "SnR Wrestling: Under The Ring Documentary"

    Its the rise and fall of one of the most successful backyard wrestling feds in the last decade,
    There rise came as quick as there fall as they removed all content and have been ghost the past 3 years.

    The project just got greenlit on Kickstarter

    the documentary is going to be on Netflix Instant Stream and all major release sites, we need some buzz as they have been off air for a few years now,

    heres the link

    What is i ask if you and your team checks out the teaser, if its something you enjoy, Please post it on your homepage!
    id be happy to do an interview or answer any further questions

    Our passion for wrestling has led our path to cross and i hope you will be willing to help

    Thank so much!!



    It only takes one person to fully believe in you to be successful. :)