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  • Arnav posted 1641 days ago



  • Aditya M S posted 2028 days ago

    Aditya M S

    You never do change do you. You still remain immature as hell, still try ever so desperately to provoke Arsenal fans, all the while forgetting that your precious United failed to win a trophy. I think its high time you show some maturity or do what most want to see, leave BR.

    And to make it worse you call yourself a journalist.

  • H Andel posted 2132 days ago

    H Andel

    Okay, Ashique you know better, after all, you offered to give me a master-class in writing, as I recall, that was last month. No master class, no single article on B/R. Only a fool would think you don't know more Football than and I do and that you can teach me everything there is to the game, and that you can best me at every quiz.

    Ashique, I'm humbled in your presence, o god of Football, master and redeemer of ignorant souls like mine. Have mercy on me. What are you doing tarnishing your image by talking to a nincompoop like me?

    Ashique, the great, we are not worthy of your presence. We will die in your dazzling presence. Please, take your glory away. We cannot stand it any no longer. Please...please!!!


  • Manuel Traquete posted 2132 days ago

    Manuel Traquete

    Just PMed you

  • H Andel posted 2132 days ago

    H Andel

    To answer your question Ashique, I have known Football for more than thirty years. That's at least seven years longer than you have been alive. Does that satisfy you and Mensah? Or do you still think you know more Football than I do?

  • H Andel posted 2167 days ago

    H Andel

    Hey, thanks. I wrote those poems long ago. I'm happy you liked that particular one.

  • Zachary Lindenhovius posted 2173 days ago

    Zachary Lindenhovius

    "Im surprised that you actually have the testicular fortitude to have your picture up with some of the things you are saying. Hope that journalism career works out for ya!!!!"

    Well if you cannot be accountable for what you say, what can you be accountable for then? Just letting you know that your logic is as sound as a jenga tower after 10 minutes with an infant. Go learn REAL journalism, or better yet, don't do journalism at all, because you can save all of us the pain of reading your pathetic biased BS.

  • Jake Rodd posted 2174 days ago

    Jake Rodd

    NO NO NO. That title, was given to me. I have to work with what I'm given. So what, Cheerful. is in the title, and so is Drama. I never say racism is a good thing. Ever. You think I will email my editor to change the title, because of one small slide? Sure, I can see why you're angry. However, there is NO INTENT there whatsoever.

  • Zachary Lindenhovius posted 2174 days ago

    Zachary Lindenhovius

    "Currently at University hopefully looking to break into the mad, hectic world of journalism with the plan of imprinting my thoughts and opinion on history."

    Of course journalism means reporting without bias... guess whatever uni you go to isn't teaching it right. Go ask for a refund, then again, maybe fergie is grooming you to be one of his reporter dogs, he has plenty of dogs in the FA, so why not!?!?!

  • Jake Rodd posted 2175 days ago

    Jake Rodd

    read the piece again. those allegations are both an insult to me and an insult to my work so far, which too reflects me.