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  • Yin Seng Chan posted 2117 days ago

    Yin Seng Chan

    OMG Lol look at this:

    I think its 100% is him considering that it totally fit his mentality. Guess he is a real lonely guy: No one even answered any of his question.

  • Yin Seng Chan posted 2117 days ago

    Yin Seng Chan

    well, what can we say...the world are make up of all sort of people,and some are just so frustrating to be around with....

    Although to be fair looking at Jesse Morrill, he doesn't exactly seem like a very bright man, and easily seem to go on the defensive the moment someone mentioned any negativity in him. Instead of reflecting on what goes wrong, he chosen to deny all of them and choose to not learn a single thing out of it. This narrow-mindedness is the one thing I become very frustrated by him.

    I mean, he even seemingly go to the extend of creating additional accounts to defend himself, which is one of the saddest thing a person could do.

    In a way, he looked exactly like what WWE is like right now: Constantly on the defense of it owns product quality, refused to listen to its audience, and refuse to learn a single thing out of their mistakes.

    Maybe that is why I got so annoyed by him right now.

    On another note by the way, i think this is his facebook if you want a look:

    I wasn't from the States, so I don't exactly know what a Community College is. Is that considered a good education or no?