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  • larry higo posted 1936 days ago

    larry higo

    Hey, why don't you write an article on the greatest offensive teams ever. I'm arguing the point with a writer who breathes all things Pats. I've been telling him that this year's Saints' team was the greatest offensive team in NFL history and of course he thinks it's the 07 Patriot's team. The Pats had a stud defense in 07 that finished 4th overall which I felt helped give the ball back to the offense. On the other hand, the Saints had to overcome their atrocious defense. His primary reason for the Pat's offense being named the greatest ever was the fact they scored about 2.5 points per game more than the Saints and mine was the Saints gained almost 900 more yards over the season which I thought was far more significant.

  • Dean C posted 1980 days ago

    Dean  C

    "Its not worth it team is moving in different direction I think Irsay will make right decision and I think Peyton will understand." I 100% agree, and think its a great move by Irsay. Not only has he got rid of the Polians (they made horrid decisions in the past five years), they also got rid of the main disaster of the 2012 Colts: Caldwell. It just showed how Manning coached himself and Caldwell is useless...Not only that, he made the worst QB moves. Pagano was a great addition and the 3-4 could suit us, Mathias can go LB and our D will be in better shape. People talk about cutting Dan which is beyond stupid. With Manning, Colts should: Draft Luck, put Orlovsky FIRST string, release Manning (if unhealthy) or (if Mannings 100%) Trade away the pick, put Orlovsky second string and draft Luck...I'd only agree with cutting Manning if he's injured and Saturday and Wayne go. Theyll be too many flaws in our offense in 2012 plus inexperience...Im not a believer in Luck starting though, i think he will get hammered and Orlovsky wouldve won against Browns, Chiefs, Steelers, tampa, cincy if it werent Painter starting....With that new direction thing, Saturday will be gone. Addai, he hasnt been too good lately and Carter/Brown is primed to be our top stringer so he will have a new contract (as too Clark). Back on the Manning subject, its proven that you dont need elite QBs to win championships: Brady wasnt elite when Pats won (ironically now when he puts up them amazing stats, he cant win due to the poor D), plus Pitts, NY, Ravens, Bucs etc etc, so if we do cut Manning, I say put Orlovsky as a starter and take it pretty slow with Luck. Im not prepared to put him against Cushing, JJ and the rest of that Texan D when we're rebuilding. Its time Orlovsky takes it to his next level in his career, he excelled in high school, Colts made a massive improvement when he came in, so I dont see why he cant play better with a good coach now and an upgraded team with the draft/free agency (particularly if Manning leaves, we could have around 20 mill to spend in free agency as we have 33 mill of cap space...hopefully they cut clark), he can really shine. Cutting Manning (as you say) will save around 6 mill, enough to buy a good reciever. Clark will 99% have a new contract: with the colts, if he doesnt want to, then elsewhere. I cant see Irsay keeping an injury prone, 33 yr TE at a 36mill contract. We should have A LOT of cap room if Manning gone (as youre saying) and with restructed contracts and other Colt veterans leaving (Wayne and Saturday, I believe), so I think Orlovsky will be fine...It wont be a dynamic Colt team, Pagano doesnt have that philosphy, so maybe Luck wont start until rebuilding ends. I'd rather Orlovsky, a veteran in there (if Mannings not 100%)

  • Dean C posted 1981 days ago

    Dean  C

    @Mike: Being a Colt fan, I may be a bit biased for Manning and the Colts, but I disagree 90% on Zyne Grantham's article and on your statement. 1) there are benefits for keeping Manning: immediate success (last yr was a pretty bad allround Colts team, but better than previous yrs and Manning WOULD take that team to 10 victories, no problem). There were great additions to the defense, particularly in the LB corps: Angerer, Simms and I am buying DT D.Nevis as an exciting young prospect. Injury plague his rookie season, but I see him as a defensive leader in the future (he did come out of LSU, thats a great place to play!) Also, guys like Jacob Lacey and Bethea are coming off there best seasons, which would have really helped Manning out. We also had an O-line upgrade in Costanzo, and also, Gary Brackett was missing, so I believe Manning (if healthy) would take the Colts to 10 wins if he played next season. 2) I believe Manning would be a great leader in 2012/13. We are going to lose Wayne and/or Mathias and/or Saturday...Itll be a young team, Manning's leadership would be perfect for the team in 2012. 3) Luck is NOT needed. Colts only went 2-14 due to poor QB selection and a very very bad coach. Why put a washed up grandpa in Collins in as starting QB, i will never know? Then why put perhaps the WORST QB in Painter in when he had a then 9 QBr? I also dont know...Orlovsky was the only one in 2011 who used the Colt's weapons in 2011 and went 2-3 with an 80+ QBr against some tough teams....I think if he cant succeed, Manning can definately (derrr). "Colts are in a division with the most complete team in the NFL Texans are winning that division they are a 12+ win team." Yes Mike, I do believe Texans are a force for once, but hey Orlovsky burnt them? (our 4th stringer, who barely had an offseason, nor any proper preparation coming into the yr). And now with Pagano, we definately have a good coach (Caldwell is the WORST. Check his College record) and if Manning takes Colts 14-2, 10-6 under him, I believe he will do better under Pagano. If Manning wants to be serious about winning a Championship, he should take a pay cut to build a good all round team our QB when Manning leaves as Orlovsky is talented (he had loads of high school success) . So i think Manning will have success if he returns as he has a better coach and better defense than previous yrs waiting for him.."Peyton manning did not play middle linebacker, his injury did not give up 62 to the saints." Okay, when you have a QB who fumbles on your own 40 in the first drive, throws pick sixes, your D can only do so much. The Saints D is NOT good and if you give Brees short fields and your QB doesnt take advantage of a pretty poor secondary that Saints had and has a 38 QBr, your in doom verse the Saints....One last pt: if we had Orlovsky the whole yr, we wouldve beaten Cleveland,Pitts, TB, Cincy and Jags guaranteed. thats 7-9 at least...Manning would easily take the 2-14 Colts to the playoffs, so if hes healthy, 100% keep him, and lots of injury reports say he's already cleared

  • larry higo posted 1996 days ago

    larry higo

    Hey, will you follow this link and go and comment. I answer Pats4ever but he's kind of strange so I'd value yours and quentin's response

  • larry higo posted 1998 days ago

    larry higo

    Mike, why don't you consider becoming a columnist for this place? After all, you do the research; don't blindly take one side's view and write as well as a lot of them.

  • M. Smith posted 1999 days ago

    M. Smith

    You're right about Cam. I've been telling Panther fans that during the season-all that damn throwing was only going to get him figured out that much sooner. No surprise his passing yards decreased the last few games. I'm not sure he will have the great career they all think he will have. Oh well.