High school English teacher. College adjunct instructor. Creative writer. Ohio State graduate. Sports lover. Worst fantasy football player ever.

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  • Michael Chung posted 2248 days ago

    Michael Chung

    You almost called the UM game a few articles ago. If OSU does not lose Andrew Sweat and were healthier in the secondary, it may have been different.

  • Robert Dds posted 2275 days ago

    Robert Dds

    Keep writtin Martha!...Love them BUCKS!

  • Cody Brown posted 2289 days ago

    Cody Brown

    OU does not have a better D than LSU or Bama. Both are statistically superior, that and Nick Saban is a better defensive mind than Venables, Alabama has top 5 players at each position for the 2012 draft on defense except for the D line. And donta hightower is just as good if not better than travis lewis. Please learn a thing or 2 about LSU or Bamas monster Ds before posting a pointless article in "why ou has a better d"...please.

  • Jack Duhamel posted 2396 days ago

    Jack Duhamel

    Consider it done. Good luck, and have a great day!

  • Jack Duhamel posted 2396 days ago

    Jack Duhamel

    You're welcome. You should be the Ohio State Featured Columnist.