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  • Peter Dabrowski posted 2052 days ago

    Peter Dabrowski

    make a bio

  • Mario Augusto posted 2364 days ago

    Mario Augusto

    Hey Jimmi, my name is Mario, im from Brazil, in r article( http://bleacherreport.com/articles/705591-the-100-best-soccer-players-of-all-time/page/93 ) is not "O Roi" is "O Rei", rei like KING in portuguese and "O alegria de povo" the correct is "A alegria do povo"

    sorry for my english!

  • N FB posted 2383 days ago

    N FB

    Ranking the best footballers is a copied article publish by FIFA in 2004. Plus some extra comments. Writer left out same players that european and south americans writers protested. Shame SHAME

  • Julio Garcia posted 2383 days ago

    Julio Garcia

    Hey buddy, my name is Julio, I'm 30 yo and I have played and watched football since I was self-concious. I'm from Guatemala, a country which has practically not trascended internationally, neither as a national team nor as league teams. I want to tell you that I read your article: "The 100 Best Footballers of All Time" entiretly, and sincerely, I find it truly precise and sharp. Please, don't feel offended for the following comment, but I'm pretty attonished that the best "Top soccer players of al time" list that I've read comes from an english-speaker. I'm assuming that you are american and it is well known that soccer it's not a popular sport over there (as well as others such as football, baseball and basketball). This list was done by someone who has a STRONG knowledge of entire world's soccer, this is, all countries during 100 years of history. Pretty much like a soccer's living human-encyclopedia.

    I'll keep an eye on your articles, and I'm sure that all of them will be are as clever as this one.

    P.D.: Please, check out Zinedine Zidane in the list, he has strange comments at the bottom.

  • Ashish Kulkarni posted 2416 days ago

    Ashish Kulkarni

    Hey man, liked your 100 best footballers list (or the portion of it I got through before losing patience and skipping to the top 10, lol - but that has more to do with my impatience than your writing). Great article.

    Thought I'd post this here directly as I posted a comment on your article, but then I realized there are so many comments there that I doubt you respond anymore. Anyway, here's what I wrote:

    "Just wanted to point out that Totalvoetball was in no way originated by Cruyff. The theoretician behind it was manager Rinus Michels, who spread his brand of football through Ajax, the Dutch team and Barcelona.

    It just so happened that Cruyff played for all those teams. And naturally, having been ingrained with the philosophy since he was a youth at Ajax, he went on to teach it after he retired from the game.

    So it wasn't Cruyff who was responsible for Totalvoetball. Back to #3, perhaps? :)"

    Essentially, my message is that Cruyff was a product of Totalvoetball rather than Totalvoetball being a product of Cruyff. Thoughts?