Abby Pond

Abby Pond


Abby Pond is a freewheeling freelance writer, musician and canoeing enthusiast who recently moved to London, UK and is weeping at the lack of hockey coverage.

Okay, enough of the third person. I'm an outgoing and opinionated sports fan. Hockey is my first love, though I do follow the CFL and NBA, the Olympics and other sporting leagues periodically. I have the attention span of a goldfish and...hey look! Bright! Shiny!

My favourite targets are the Toronto Maple Leafs and Saskatchewan Roughriders. I am now getting sucked into the intricacies of european football and international cricket, with new articles soon to come.

For those of you who have been pondering reasons for my absence from BR of late, they are myriad and complex. I am hoping to make a return with regular articles this spring, after I finish revising my novel.

When I'm not writing prose, I write poetry and songs. I often perform as a singer/songwriter, and have done so across the country. I recorded an EP in June 2008 and I'm currently writing material for a full length production.

If I'm not writing, I'm usually playing in the water, on the water, or on the frozen water, knitting, or glued to the Xbox.

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  • Arjun Bay posted 3155 days ago

    Arjun Bay

    Hey Abby,

    Thanks for editing my article.the next two I am going to do are mumbai and KKR sometime this week.

  • Mark Makuch posted 3289 days ago

    Mark Makuch

    Hey Abby -

    Thanks for the note! Have you tried Leafs Interactive TV or are you in a "restricted territory?" You may have to make do with "the game in 6" on the leafs website till you get back. :(

    BTW - i checked out your MySpace site and, well, wow. You are super talented and have a seriously killer voice. Its beautiful. Heard on Q a while back that there was a great Canadian music scene in London these days. You are doing us proud there I'm sure. I'm a fingerpicker myself - a big Leo Kottke, Don Ross, Bruce Cockburn, Ron Sexsmith, Amy Millan, Kaki King fan. (the list keeps growing!)

    As a poet - did you see my Sundin Soliloquy? Would love for you to have a read if you gt the chance.


  • The Captain -Brian Kates posted 3449 days ago

    The Captain -Brian Kates

    Hey, Abby! Great to hear from you. Sorry to hear that you and your stuff are not together but I am jealous about the Europe thing. Things will work out for you and if you need anything you get in touch with me and let me know. Having a great time celebrating with me myself and I here in Okieland. Actually there are a few Wing fans down here. I work with some and read my article titled "Detroit Red Wing Fans: Are They Everywhere?" It's amazing where you run into them. I am going to start writing for the Tulsa Talons and the Tulsa Oilers are interested in me as well. Please, keep in touch. I miss your writing and I miss hearing from you. Be good and have fun and........

    GO WINGS!!!!!!!

  • The Captain -Brian Kates posted 3490 days ago

    The Captain -Brian Kates

    How's the moving going? Mine is cruisin' along. I move into my apt. on Thursday. That'll be a busy day. If you want to email me just go to my profile and my email address is there. Let me know how things are going.............

    GO WINGS!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Captain -Brian Kates posted 3493 days ago

    The Captain -Brian Kates

    Hey, join the moving club. We have hats and T-shirts. Where are you moving to, if you don't mind me asking? If you want you can email me. My address is in my profile. Talk to you soon. You know if I could help you I would...........

  • The Captain -Brian Kates posted 3496 days ago

    The Captain -Brian Kates

    Eh! Haven't heard from you in a while. You OK? How about them Wings taking it to the Avs! Have a GREAT day and a better week!!!

    GO WINGS!!!

  • The Captain -Brian Kates posted 3505 days ago

    The Captain -Brian Kates

    Good Morning, Abby. I was reading through some of my posts and I reread one of yours. I used to be a bartender many moons ago in Ann Arbor, Mi. I don't remember a brew called Keith's. Can you enlighten me please? Have a great day and a great weekend...............GO WINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Captain -Brian Kates posted 3505 days ago

    The Captain -Brian Kates

    Hey, thanks for the add. By the way, why are you up so late? It's 1:47am here in Okieland.

  • The Captain -Brian Kates posted 3505 days ago

    The Captain -Brian Kates

    Let's meet somewhere between where you are and Okieland and I'll bring you a Guiness or three. :)

  • The Captain -Brian Kates posted 3505 days ago

    The Captain -Brian Kates

    I'm drinking Guiness and Parrot Bay Rum by Captain Morgan, ARGH!