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Hi. I'm an avid tennis fan and club player, who grew up loving the sport and especially the American players. I'm just here to meet some fellow tennis fans from all over, and talk shop with people who are tennis junkies just as I am.

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  • Vee Jay posted 2245 days ago

    Vee Jay

    Hey G. Penn, all your comments had disappeared and now they are back. The powers-that-be must have realized they had no cause to ban you. This is good news for this forum. I look forward to more articles from you.

  • heidy eblin posted 2249 days ago

    heidy eblin


  • Vee Jay posted 2264 days ago

    Vee Jay

    Hey G. why are all your posts missing?

  • F. Ruffin posted 2269 days ago

    F. Ruffin

    Fuck you little tim. You are the typical POS that lives in the cesspool called philly. Its obvious you are a small man that was not accepted by your thug ethnic group and tough enough to hang with the boyz so you chose a white sport where you could still act like twinkle toes and hang, then knock it. Typical of your kind. You racist and ungrateful PIG. You also have personality disorder and issues with your sexuality too......a trainwreck we call that I believe. More scary that an arrogant deranged person like you is on the screet. If you are ever down south please look me up. would love to show you a warm welcome, scum bag.

  • Pete Sanders posted 2270 days ago

    Pete Sanders

    George, Im "Curious" if you have ever heard the song from Guns N Roses....Welcome to the Jungle? LoL I was just wondering. What kind of music do you listen to Timster?

  • Pete Sanders posted 2271 days ago

    Pete Sanders

    Where iz you G-money? Gotta lotta mo for you brother. I hope you are not crying Tim. Please come out and talk tennis with us and tell us how Rafa will win 7 slams in a row and be undisputed greatest of all time...please? You know I love your anaylsis. Well I hope you are well Ruffin, but why did you pick such a goofy name homes? I knew you were lame but G Penn? You are better than this timster.

  • Pete Sanders posted 2272 days ago

    Pete Sanders

    Curious "G"eorge, did you catch the match brother? Rafa loses yet again. Im sorry brother, looks like your boy is just an average #1 guy that will never dominate this sport. We still chill though G; I know you got my back and I got your...... mother's LoL She bad bro, built for this stuff I guess......... calls me Poppy Ouch! Love ya brother. XO XO P.S. Mom says start dinner w/o her. She's gonna be tied up for awhile. Lmao

  • Pete Sanders posted 2273 days ago

    Pete Sanders

    monkey see, monkey do!

  • Pete Sanders posted 2277 days ago

    Pete Sanders

    I will keep your secret. Lets do better in Round II shall we?