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  • Martha Copp posted 2334 days ago

    Martha Copp

    Thanks for the edit Ravi! Good stuff!

  • Reservoir God posted 2398 days ago

    Reservoir God

    Ravi - fire away w/ questions about wins produced. These four links are a good start, though:

  • Curtis Finchum posted 2404 days ago

    Curtis Finchum

    thanks for the edit. and yeah, i have since i watched him at OSU.

  • Hayden Kim posted 2407 days ago

    Hayden Kim

    Thanks for the edit Ravi, I appreciate it.

  • Brandon Putre posted 2410 days ago

    Brandon Putre

    Hey Ravi, thanks for the edit! Regarding the Spurs playoff road, I think they have it pretty tough. Memphis is a dangerous team to mess with, and it just get worse with either okc or denver next round. i think the lakers have it the easiest.

  • James Brooks posted 2412 days ago

    James Brooks

    Thanks for the edit!

  • Josh Benjamin posted 2412 days ago

    Josh Benjamin

    Hey Ravi- Thanks for the edit! I thought about including Milton Bradley, but ultimately decided he wasn't a "nutjob." He's just a head case with a short fuse. Thanks for reading!

  • John Ewen posted 2412 days ago

    John  Ewen

    Thanks for the edit Ravi. As for your question, I was thinking the same thing. I really see no reason for either team to want Moss.

  • Adam Langer posted 2413 days ago

    Adam Langer

    Thanks, Ravi! Glad you enjoyed it.