My name is Michael Andrew Evans. I am a writer, historian, educator and MMA fanatic. I completed a M.S. in higher education with a specialization in history from Southern Illinois University-Carbondale in December of 2010. I have been a follower of mixed martial arts since 2005 and have been writing about the sport for nearly three years. I reside in southern Illinois in the township of Carmi. I am finishing my education currently with the goal of becoming a history teacher. I have several passions in my life but mixed martial arts remains an obsession of mine. It will truly be a treat to see where FOX, the UFC, Strikeforce, Bellator, Spike TV, HDNet and all of the regional MMA organizations can and will take the sport in 2012 and beyond.

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April 1, 2012 was my one year anniversary at Bleacher Report and I accomplished my goal of 100 articles in a year. It makes me feel pretty good considering I only really wrote for seven months due to other obligations. It's gonna be a great year for MMA. Let's get it on.

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  • Michael Evans posted 2098 days ago

    Michael Evans

    hey everyone! Check out my new content on mmafightcorner.com

  • Michael Evans posted 2113 days ago

    Michael Evans

    Go check out my Jon Jones article on the Bleacher Report home page under Editor's Picks

  • Michael Evans posted 2114 days ago

    Michael Evans

    Happy Easter to everyone out there. I wish you all a relaxing and peaceful day.

  • Michael Evans posted 2118 days ago

    Michael Evans

    Overeem has officially screwed up our all heavyweight main card at UFC 146

  • Jonathan Snowden posted 2134 days ago

    Jonathan Snowden

    Thanks for writing. Send me a link to your next article and I'll be sure to look it over. Glad you made it over here....

  • Michael Evans posted 2158 days ago

    Michael Evans

    Tomorrow night is the first UFC fight in Japan in over a decade. I'm thinking this one is gonna bring it!

  • Michael Evans posted 2190 days ago

    Michael Evans

    I feel badly about the article I wrote on December 29, 2011. I made childish, impulsive and harsh comments about Nick and Nate Diaz. I called the Cesar Gracie training center and left a message this morning and I left a long apology to both men. I do not know what possessed me to be so rude but I am being a man and admitting my faults. I left my phone number so hopefully someone will return my call so I can properly apologize. I just wanted to let my readers know that I was wrong and I will promise to think before I write from now on.

  • Michael Evans posted 2202 days ago

    Michael Evans

    I was lost in an abyss for five months but as of two weeks ago I am back with you. I am starting slowly with an article or two per week but I will be increasing my work rate as my groove returns.

  • Deanna Williams posted 2378 days ago

    Deanna Williams

    I read your article about Hector Lombard. Interesting reading, keep up the good work.

  • Tim McTiernan posted 2384 days ago

    Tim McTiernan

    No problem man, when something that big happens there's always like 4 people who jump on it haha.