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  • Julian Evelyn posted 894 days ago

    Julian Evelyn

    Anyone that uses the word "sheeple" in a sentence is obviously bush league (pun intended). The lack of institutional control at USC in the last decade is well known (from Bush to Mayo). Look, I'm no fan of the NCAA heavy-handedness and veritable strangle hold on collegiate sports. In fact, I've heard convincing arguments to the contrary concerning the Bush scandal. But that does little to excuse USC from the unethical nature of the program during Carroll's tenure (see the list/link below). If you, George, spent twice the time putting forward hard evidence in lieu of snakiness, we might've had a constructive conversation. See the data, below.

    Don't come at me with this JV internet, troll BS--- (and, the Bruins' site's bias is evident, but the incidents were real-- and, it's from 2007. see public municipal documents and NCAA records for even harder evidence, Matlock).

    You should know this, wiseguy:

    How often do you here of this?

    Brandon Ting and Steroids:

    Do you want me to keep going? Or can I get back to dinner?

  • Nick DeCesare posted 1510 days ago

    Nick DeCesare

    sucks to suck