I'm a senior at the University of Oklahoma, majoring in news-editorial journalism with an emphasis on sports writing/editing. I spent three years at my dream school, the University of Nebraska, before transferring back "home" to Oklahoma. Though I'm now getting a Sooner education, I'll always be a Husker at heart.

I spent the summer with The Oklahoman as a sports intern. The Oklahoman is my dream job, and I'd like to hopefully land a job with them someday and help the paper garner national prestige. It would also be awesome if I got big enough to be a featured writer for ESPN, like the guys on Around the Horn.

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I'm also a community leader and featured columnist for Nebraska football.

{{"SportMonk," you ask?}}
Westboro Baptist protested at Nebraska games during the 2008 season, condemning the state with claims that Memorial Stadium is a temple for the worship of its gods, the Huskers. This caused me to think: If sports is my religion and athletes are my gods, as a sports writer I must be a monk of sport.

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  • Bleacher Report posted 2742 days ago

    Bleacher  Report

    my latest.

  • Cameon Shiflett posted 2856 days ago

    Cameon Shiflett

    Alright, so I may not have a man this Valentine's Day, but Cupid still got me something pretty nice.

    Hope you'll check it out and let me know what ya think.

    Happy Valentine's Day and Roll Tide,
    The Bama Chick

  • Mosang Miles posted 2917 days ago

    Mosang Miles

    Monk, who knows what you're up to these days, but if you want to do a bowl pick'em, why not join the group I created?:

    Hope to see you there—and hope all is well with you!

  • Court Zierk posted 2968 days ago

    Court Zierk

    What is a fan supposed to do?

  • RedRaider Red posted 2970 days ago

    RedRaider Red

    Dude, where are you?

    Why don't you write articles anymore?

    BTW, that was a genuine question.. not trash talk coz we beat ya.

  • Gray Ghost posted 2972 days ago

    Gray Ghost

    Congrats my friend on your job opening. No one deserves it more, and I know you will go far. If I can ever be of help - don't hesitate to let me know. God bless.

  • Gray Ghost posted 2973 days ago

    Gray Ghost

    Please pray for Cameon:

  • Keith Schlosser posted 2973 days ago

    Keith Schlosser

    Could the Knicks' 2010 fate be in the hands of Eddy Curry?

  • Gray Ghost posted 2974 days ago

    Gray Ghost

    Where are you my friend?