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    Sports Lover

    Whats up?

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    Josh Matt

    care for a fan add?

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    Abhijit R

    After a 4 month hiatus you return
    actually 100th raw needed you

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    Garrett the Man

    Kaleb, the 1000th show needs you!

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    Abhijit R

    will there be live raw coverage today

  • Abhijit R posted 2075 days ago

    Abhijit R

    love your RAW coverage.........
    i dont understand how justin watry has a better rank than you

  • Garrett the Man posted 2106 days ago

    Garrett the Man

    Are you doing a live blog tonight for Smackdown?

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    Hi Kaleb.

    Love your raw coverage and analyses and the other pro wrestling articles. Keep it up because you're my favourite writer.

    Cheers, MrCrazy 84.

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    Thanks Kaleb. Glad to be here.

  • Steve Schlinkert posted 2205 days ago

    Steve Schlinkert


    I'm a follower, and I normally wouldn't write in(I only signed up to somehow share this) but I recently had a trip down memory lane that I felt compelled to share because of the implications.

    I first started watching wrestling as a kid at the end of Hulkamania, about a year before he betrayed Randy Savage and joined up with Kevin Nash and Scott Hall. It turned into a joke as I got older, but those first 2-3 years of the nWo were electric. And it wasn't just that the nWo was so compelling...As it gained so much power, it also presented to opportunity for a guy like Goldberg to be possible. At the peak, the star power of professional wrestling was this antagonistic, unstoppable super organization that was all about checking your ethics at the door. All about selling out. And while the good guys tried to fight, they just couldn't take over. Lest we forget, the 'good guys' in those days were Sting/Luger/DDP/Macho Man/Flair/Benoit in their primes. And then came Goldberg out of no where, and a legend was born. Now, I wasn't around for the peak of Hulkamania, but for my money...the fan base was as consistently rabid about Goldberg as any wrestler I can ever think of, even as fans were completely conscious of his short matches. They needed a hero, and along came a freight train. Again, I know it got dulled down, but as popular as Austin/Rock were, Goldberg's run during his first 18-24 months was the most successful singles run of any wrestler in my lifetime. The fan support behind Goldberg wasn't wavering arena to arena between 60-40 to 70-30...It was almost 100% everywhere, and not just 100% cheering but 100% showing tremendous enthusiasm like their favorite sports team just won an overtime home playoff game. It was really compelling stuff, and I know I'm not the only person who thinks that it was the best period of professional wrestling ever. It got me to thinking...

    The situation is perfect for the nWo to reform.

    No one expected the nWo to form the manner that it did. It was one of the biggest shocks in wrestling history at a time when everything was...inexplicably duller than it needed to be. 2 Superstars in their primes and a living legend shocked the world and introduced the 3 best years in professional wrestling history. It got dulled down after 3-4 years, but it was the best dynasty at it's peak. The stakes were so high and things were happening so fast that almost every episode of Nitro was completely obsessed with Nash/Hall/Hogan's hostile takeover. It worked because it wasn't one group feuding with another, it was one group trying to TAKE OVER the ENTIRE company(which they almost did). It worked because it wasn't just a group of great wrestlers, but it was the transcendent, MARQUEE wrestler of the generation turning heel on everything that he's worked for, and betraying all the fans that he worked so hard to send the right message to to the point where they bombarded the ring with trash. It worked because of the unique implications of having Bischoff as the WCW Executive Vice President. It worked because it quickly encompassed the entire WCW, not just a select few performers with the others being able to carry on like nothing was going on. The nWo had it all.

    On a more subtle note, it worked because it wasn't revealed that Bischoff was a part of it until after he personally feuded with Kevin Nash, a time when everyone was convinced he was 100% against the nWo. As part of the nWo storyline, he began plotting with Nash/Hall/Hogan shortly after Kevin Nash powerbombed him through a table after he refused to tell Nash and Hall the names of the wrestlers he was sending against Nash and Hall, who were belligerently making themselves the top dogs on the scene . Bischoff was the one responsible for throwing the best that the WCW had to offer(Sting/Macho Man/Luger) at Bash at the Beach to showcase the power of Hall and Nash. Hall/Nash owned most of the fight. In the storyline, Bischoff betrayed the organization that he worked for, that he was Executive Vice President of, to orchestrate the moment of Hulk Hogan betraying Hulkamania and subsequently create the most breathtaking organization in wrestling. Which brings me to my point...

    The nWo was and still is Kevin Nash's baby. As recently as 15 months ago, he was still carrying it out in TNA as 'The Band'(because the name nWo is owned by WWE now). And Kevin Nash didn't just sign for the match with Triple H, he is signed for 5 full years. The nWo was built around controversial figures changing the landscape of wrestling dramatically, exploiting high-ranking connections within the company you're going up against, and getting deceiving everyone in the process getting the icon of the generation to betray everyone and go rogue. The situation is ripe for the nWo to come back and the potential is there for it to be just as earth-shattering as when the nWo was initially created in 1996. Check it out...

    -The WWE has gotten notoriously stale and it is ignorant to think that it will stay that way. It was pretty stale right before the nWo.
    -The main storylines the WWE is promoting right now are "Who is the puppetmaster behind John Lauranitis?" and "What is going on in John Cena's head?"
    -How many 'floating' antagonist superstars are floating around right now without direction, but hellbent on getting the respect and money that they think they deserve.
    -Just who happens to be one of the most controversial figures in WWE history?
    -Just who happens to be the one person that we would be stunned was aligned with Kevin Nash?

    Triple-H just so happens to be an Executive Vice President at the WWE, and he is certainly no stranger to landscape-altering controversy. And who just relieved Triple H of his duty as Raw General Manager? The head of the WWE, Vince McMahon. And it was Triple-H who insured that Kevin Nash would be a part of the business for the forseeable future by saying to John Lauranitis "Sign him to a contract that he can't refuse." In the storyline, he used intimidation to insure Kevin Nash was locked up under contract. The WWE is floating so many separate storylines that all seem to be vaguely connected, from John Cena's perceived identity crisis after the fans starting to turn on him after with the Rock interfered in the Wrestlemania Main Event which Miz is always touting to CM Punk butting heads with John Lauranitis, who has a longstanding feud going on with Triple-H to CM Punk riding a wave of popularity to upstage Cena as the WWE's top superstar. It all adds up to the potential for a situation to explode like it hasn't in professional wresling in 16 years.

    We would be stunned if Triple H and Nash were working together at this point, but is that more stunning than Nash with Bischoff? He fought both acting Executive Vice Presidents prior to nWo formation. And would anyone put it past Triple H to exploit his position of power and make a firm powerplay against a company that just insulted him? What if the WWE's current transcendent, MARQUEE star Cena's response to the ongoing criticism is to do the unthinkable and turn his back on everything and join them. What if Cena has the World Championship when he does that? Given CM Punk's unrest with the situation in the WWE, what if he jumps ship and joins? The formation of the nWo was all about scheming, and the original controversy that brought Kevin Nash back into the WWE was a feud with Triple H and CM Punk. What if they were all in it together from the beginning? That would be textbook nWo.

    Talk about a game changer. The situation is completely in place.

    The reformation of nWo with founder Kevin Nash, Executive Vice President Triple H, Transcendent/Marquee wrestler(and probably World Champion by the time he would switch) John Cena, and a group of stars unhappy with the current establishment like CM Punk, The Miz, and maybe Wade Barrett. What if the Big Show, who was the first WCW defector into the nWo, rejoins as the World Heavyweight Champion?

    The landscape would be changed, injected with more controversy than the industry has seen in 16 years. It would absolutely be must see TV. I imagine that it would have the potential to reach, and even surpass, the bar that was sent by none other than John Cena's opponent at Wrestlemania, the Rock.

    Thanks for reading,