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I have been an avid sports fan my whole life. I am very knowledgeable in almost every sport. My favorite sport though would be racing. I have been to 23 Indy 500s and I'm only 25 years old. If there's one thing I know as good as anyone it's definitely racing.

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  • MCR FORTY posted 1757 days ago


    Lets look at your stats since you tried to make fun of Jordan Hulls defensive statistics and said he was a crappy defender. You rank 939th in articles read by BR visitors. You rank 341st in articles written by BR contributors. You rank 13,377th in comments to your crappy articles. You have some nerve to talk about the starting point guard for the number one team in the nations stats. I dare say, he is much more accomplished in what he does than you are in what you do. hahaha

  • Scott Geer posted 1779 days ago

    Scott Geer

    Please stop writing about Indiana Hoosiers don't have a clue

  • Marek Lugowski posted 1780 days ago

    Marek Lugowski

    Who is that strapping lad posing with you in your avatar/picture?

  • Bobby James posted 1887 days ago

    Bobby James

    I will never read an article of yours again. You're a clown.

  • Keith Sowder posted 2096 days ago

    Keith Sowder

    Stick to racing.

  • Victor Cremmel posted 2112 days ago

    Victor Cremmel

    Stick to writing about cars and racing please for the rest of us

  • TK Wondra posted 2146 days ago

    TK Wondra

    Your Indiana-Wisconsin game analysis is one of the most biased pieces of writing I have ever read. To call it journalism is a joke, the fact that you are writing a piece that is nothing more than sour grapes as well as being a sore loser. You cite the low score and difference in fouls as the reason the refs swayed the game. However, the Badgers lead the nation in points against at 49.6 and are second in personal fouls per game at 13.4. Meanwhile Indiana is 169th with 18.3 personal fouls per game. So the "worst you've ever seen" has Wisconsin commit 3 fouls less than their average. Also, you asked "How does Wisconsin commit only 10 total fouls in a Big 10 game?" Well their season average in Big 10 games is only 14.2 per game with a season low of 7 versus Nebraska. You say "Save your breath, Wisconsin fans. Don't try to back them up because you literally have no valid points you can even bring." However, I felt that the facts would be valid points, since your writing was clearly devoid of any facts. Some friendly advice, if you are going to write purely opinions save it for your facebook and twitter pages. If you want to write articles, you actually need facts.

  • Chris Rich posted 2149 days ago

    Chris Rich

    I was reading the Cam New vs Andrew Luck article and ask myself "What is this guy talking about". Payton Manning put up better numbers and played in the SEC. Andrew Luck played in the Pac 12...No comparison. Cam Newton is Rookie Year Pro Bowler, with arm strength 10 times that of Luck. Luck biggest knock is his arm strength. Then he goes on to say the Saint and Falcons aren't going anywhere.The Saints are guaranteed to loss at least one of their star receivers due to free agency and Drew Brees isn't getting any younger. Atlanta is only as good as their running back, that why they got destroyed in the first round. I was so confused I wanted to check out the columnist credentials, and then it all made since. Stick to racing

  • Aaron Duffie posted 2185 days ago

    Aaron Duffie

    How did you get a job as a sports journalist? You can't even get basic stats correct in your article.