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Wayne Hunt, the self-professed Carolina Sports Guy, is a freelance writer living in Lexington, North Carolina. A lifelong sports fan, Wayne had his first article published in The Mini Page when he was in second grade. Somewhere he still has a copy of that original piece of work, a brief homage to MLB Hall-of-Famer, Mike Schmidt, the best third baseman to ever play the game.

A 1997 graduate of the University of North Carolina-Greensboro, Wayne armed himself with dual degrees in English and Geography and set out on the fast track to liberal arts anonymity. After strangely turning down scholarships from both the University of Florida School of Law and the University of Mississippi School of Law, he has toiled in writing obscurity ever since.

During the late 90’s and into the new millennium, Wayne enjoyed a brief and occasionally lucrative career as a freelance writer for the now-defunct web site, Themestream.com. Along the way, Wayne has written pieces for numerous web sites and was formerly a featured writer at Southern Humorists.com. In 2007 he was a finalist for the 2007 Robert Benchley Society Humor Competition.

After several of years of dead-end or marginally profitable freelance writing gigs, an encyclopedia-like stack of rejected query letters and a string of five straight fantasy baseball championships, Wayne relented on his freelance career. Knowing that fatherhood would eventually strike at him, he did what every former fantasy league virtuoso must eventually do. He got a real job!

Unable to squelch the writing sensation burning within, in 2009 Wayne launched carolinasportsguy.com, the blog that marries his love of sports with his writing talents and gave birth to The Carolina Sports Guy.


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