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Okay I guess its time to put up a proper bio :P

Hi, I am Dev Ashish , telecom engineering student yet to graduate [blame it on french ... its harder than mathematics]... CORRECTION: GRADUATE!! [ french was taken care of ... its in good hands now! ;P]

Sports I have played: Cricket, Football[english , not american :P], Table Tennis, Badminton and various other interesting Indian games.
Sports I like watching: Football[English], Lawn Tennis , Cricket
Sports I play on Xbox: Fifa, NBA 08, Madden 08, NHL 08, Arcade Racing[not sure if it comes in sports category.. but still i love racing games]

Hobbies: Hanging out with friends, Watching movies, Writing poems, Fickle minded so keep switching on to new things :P

Addictions: Cigarettes, Chocolates

Attitude: Pretty laid back relaxed...Eventually things always turn out to be right...why stress?

P.S.: 1. Sometimes i have no idea what the hell I am saying but still I keep on saying simply coz I feel like saying it.
2. Nevermind!
3. I take nothing seriously. Feel free to abuse me and get abused :P

Updates On Me: I am back after a bit of soul searching ... still searching!! :S

To everyone who missed me, I'll make it upto you sooner than later and to all who havent, well guess theres always next time ;)


<<<<<<<<<< IMPORTANT NOTE>>>>>>>>>>>>>
I'm going home for a while and I wont be online during the period so please bear with me. If there arises any need of my opinion, forward it to Michelle Alves and just negate her opinion to get mine :P

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  • Josh Matt posted 1887 days ago

    Josh Matt

    care for a fan add?

  • flora mabou posted 2781 days ago

    flora mabou

    My name is flora,
    i saw your profile at and became interested in you,i will also like to know you the more,and i want you to send an email to my email address so i can give you my picture for you to know whom i am Here is my email address ( i believe we can move from here!I am waiting for your mail to my email address above. flora
    (Remember the distance or colour an age does not matter but love matters a lot in life

  • David Jacobs posted 3048 days ago

    David Jacobs

    Do you think Carlos Tevez is ugly?
    I do xD ;

    Tune - 'Poker Face' by Lady Gaga

  • Adrian Staehle posted 3050 days ago

    Adrian Staehle

  • David Jacobs posted 3074 days ago

    David Jacobs

    Hi Dev, It's Weird Dave Yankovic here once more :)
    I have a few parodies stored up, such as one about Carlos Tevez's facial appearance and Ashley Cole's shenanigans behind Cheryl's back.

    In the meantime, here's one concerning David Bentley's future at Spurs:

    Tune - 'Alfie' by Lily Allen

  • Ricky O'Neal posted 3078 days ago

    Ricky O'Neal

    Will 2010 Be England's Last Chance To Win The World Cup For A Decade?

    Check out the latest article, and be sure to leave an opinion! :)

    Rick :)

  • Lars Hanson posted 3110 days ago

    Lars Hanson Tevez to Manchester City, and future city moves check it out

  • Mohamed Eldin Masri posted 3117 days ago

    Mohamed Eldin Masri

    Read it and post it to every one you know they don't even have to like football.

  • David Jacobs posted 3162 days ago

    David Jacobs

  • David Jacobs posted 3164 days ago

    David Jacobs

    My way of wrapping up a season:

    Enjoy :)

    Warning - Not a parody this time lol.