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Holly N.


Proud member of Rowdy's World, Go get em' Kyle!!

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  • M Brian Ladner posted 3371 days ago

    M Brian Ladner

    thanks so much for the pick and for being brave enough to comment about your NASCAR addiction.

    we need to continue coming together in meeting places such as these to discuss our love of NASCAR, if not for our sakes, but for the sake of the closet NASCAR fan out there still suffering.

    keep coming back and sharing. your courage shows the way for all of us.

  • L.J. Burgess posted 3376 days ago

    L.J. Burgess

    Hey Holly!

    Welcome to B/R...great pix!

    My name's LJ...as you can see...and I'm an Auto Racing Community Leader.

    We really look forward to your commentary in the racing community...and perhaps an article or two when you're ready to roll.

    If you have any questions or advice drop a note on my Bulletin Board...I'm all ears.

    Thanks for joining.

  • Holly N. posted 3376 days ago

    Holly N.

    No, that's Kyle and his West Highland Terriers, Kelly and Suzy :P
    lol..Yeah, it's me.

  • Tom G posted 3376 days ago

    Tom G

    Winter Glory, is that you?

  • Holly N. posted 3376 days ago

    Holly N.

    Okay. I wonder which one's Kelly and which one's Suzy.

  • M Brian Ladner posted 3376 days ago

    M Brian Ladner

    nice picture. i may steal it for an article sometime...