Mike Boylan

Mike Boylan

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#3 Top Writer, May 2011


I was driven to write for B/R in part because I (thought we) share the same values—i.e., that respected fan-sites with insightful commentary and analysis can help fill voids left by professional journalists and beat-writers, who are sometimes unable, due to the nature of their dependency on access, to speak plainly and critically about various developments surrounding the team.

I am attracted to sports topics and issues that expose great contradictions (e.g., player reputations), flawed logic in strategy or sports philosophy (e.g., the "closer" role), and useless stats (e.g., "saves").

My pet peeves involving sports culture and discourse include rating individual players based on team accomplishments (e.g., "player A is better than player B because player A has more championships"); the "who is the best at...." question tends to be breeding ground for conjecture and verbal sophistry; when fans turn players and games into a larger-than-life spectacle; when fans cannot (or do not) discern between the player and the man (the quote "sports don't build character, it reveals it" could not be more true); when media and fans place so much value on the manager (MLB) and coach (NBA); and when fans let their allegiances cause them to speak and write gibberish.

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  • Darrell Horwitz posted 2271 days ago

    Darrell  Horwitz

    Hey Mike, I find your bio interesting.

    I think you will find my take on the job Beane has done very interesting. I really break it down for you. Check it out and let me know what you think when you have a chance. Thanks.


  • s f posted 2381 days ago

    s f

    Hey, we wanted to know if you would write about Cal Football and Mens Basketball for our blog. E-mail us at goldenbearlair@yahoo.com for more info.

  • mike segarra posted 2396 days ago

    mike segarra

    New arguments for keeping Monta and Steph:


    Let me know what you think.

  • Autumn Wind posted 2398 days ago

    Autumn Wind

    does MLB have testing for HGH now?

  • Brandon McClintock posted 2410 days ago

    Brandon McClintock

    "I am an A's fan, so it goes without saying that I've had a very difficult life. But I don't like the Giants. I like the 49ers but can't stand the Raiders. I like Jim Rome but can't stand JT the Brick. I despise Brett Favre but love Erin Andrews. That's enough for now."

    Mike, I love it and couldn't agree with you more there. Like you I am an A's fan that also roots for the Niners and can't stand the Raiders, I think it is mostly the fact that they destroyed the Coliseum with their return, but also, I grew up while they were in LA, so they're not my local team despite their current location.

    Also share the same views as you about Jim Rome and JT The Brick. And what's not to love about Erin Andrews? haha

    Your A's articles are solid, keep up the good work. I know it's hard to get many reads covering the A's, but it's mostly just me and Jared covering them, so a third voice is a welcome addition.