Sam Robinson

Sam Robinson


Sam, 24, Sports Editor at the Porterville Recorder in California. From Kansas City, Mo. Former Bleacher Report editor,. I'm pretty much the biggest Kansas City Royals and Denver Broncos fan I know. Yes, I'm aware that's an odd duo, but the Chiefs and I never really caught on.

I have the innate ability to recite miscellaneous anecdotes about sports and probably could talk to you for an entire year and not repeat the same piece of sports information. I call it a gift. Others don't use that term.

The sports world would be a better place if Gus Johnson and Jim Nantz switched roles, all fans had to pass a rigorous loyalty test about the team before being able to wear their apparel, Mike Tyson had his own talk show, boxing had sudden death 13th rounds. Those are just a few of my many ideas for improvement.

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  • Jeff Little posted 3552 days ago

    Jeff Little

    Oh I didn't recall. Stewart would've been nice but trust me on this one fans will love Ryan Torain once he develops. I totally agree build the line we all know or should know that the game is won in the trenches. I wish your team well.

  • Jeff Little posted 3552 days ago

    Jeff Little


    I have mixed opinions about the McFadden pick. I've spoke about it on several articles. I felt that if the Raiders were able to stop the run for once this could lead to some success. I also felt that proving that you could run the ball last year and having 6 RB's on the roster why add another? Several Raider fans called me crazy but I had to say yeah you're right I'm crazy the nerve of me recognizing the the entire league averages 120 yards against the team. What the hell was I thinking. I like Dmac and I'm not upset with the choice but I just thought you have an opportunity to draft a DT seeing as you've drafted only one in 5 years now would be a good time. In regards to your squad, the safety you have now from Arizona State has talent he needs to develop under a good coaching staff he will compete. I did a series on every teams running game check out the one I did on your squad and let me know what you think. Oh I ranked every teams running game If you wonder why the #30 is next to your team It is because I started with the NFC East with the team that won the division down to the last place team in the division.

  • John Cho posted 3552 days ago

    John Cho


    Thanks for the edit. I actually think I accidentally got it published because I wanted to submit it for editing. Any feedback on how to improve my journalism on BR would be appreciated. Also, how does one go about editing other articles? Do you just edit without asking? Sorry, still new to the place.

  • Jeff Little posted 3552 days ago

    Jeff Little

    Thanks for the edits, Sam. Seeing as you're a Bronco's fan I've a few questions for you. 1) What did you think of the Broncos' draft? 2) How do you feel about WR Eddie Royal being selected in the 2nd round? I think your team had a very good draft 2nd best in the AFC West I think the Chiefs had the best draft in the AFC West.

  • JJ S posted 3552 days ago

    JJ S

    Thanks for the edits, Sam! Always good to see another Mizzou football fan on BR, too.

  • S Can posted 3558 days ago

    S Can

    Thanks for the feedback! I really appreciated it :)

  • james motes posted 3559 days ago

    james motes

    thanks for the edit

  • Joshua Carey posted 3559 days ago

    Joshua Carey

    Thanks for the help. I think that if the niners move up it would be a great draft for them. If they want to stick with Alex Smith then no need to draft a QB. They could go with D-Line in that spot. Also, will this still be in the Draft Challenge?


  • Heather Parry posted 3560 days ago

    Heather Parry

    Hey Sam, thanks for the edit! Much appreciated!

  • Stew Winkel posted 3562 days ago

    Stew Winkel

    thanks for editing my article - and I agree completely about switching Gus Johnson for Nantz.