Jacob Shafer is a journalist and editor who has written for various newspapers, magazines and media companies from the San Francisco Bay Area to Maui. Also a lifelong baseball junkie who enjoys few things more than a game and a microbrew on a hot summer afternoon. Speaking of which...

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  • Ryan Bussell posted 145 days ago

    Ryan Bussell

    Betts vs Trout.. You compare batting numbers.. Why not mention that Betts is in one of the most hitter friendly parks in MLB while Trout is in the third most pitcher friendly stadium? Trout would put up 50+ HR a year and bat .370 if he played in a field like Betts gets to.

  • Bill Diecks posted 159 days ago

    Bill Diecks

    No on 8 innings. What they need to do is stop pitchers warm up (and throwing ball in infield) between inningd and when relief pitcher comes in. The AL pitchers can go to bull pen between innings to stay loose and NL can warm up along first base. Then we can move quickly batter to batter, inning to inning and this will shorten games by at least 1 hour!!!

  • Dan Federico posted 319 days ago

    Dan  Federico

    Awesome work on the Yankees piece, Jacob. Really enjoyed the read.

  • Austin Gray posted 643 days ago

    Austin Gray

    Love your writing. Keep up the good work.

  • Blake Owings posted 822 days ago

    Blake Owings

    How can you say we are borderline dirty, give me an example.

  • Youngjae Kim posted 875 days ago

    Youngjae Kim

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  • Ed Boyd posted 897 days ago

    Ed Boyd

    "...cavernous Safeco Field"? That ship has sailed Jacob!

  • Jacob Shafer posted 1096 days ago

    Jacob Shafer

    Thanks, Javier. I edited it to include Zunino.

  • Javier Tafich posted 1096 days ago

    Javier Tafich

    Good article on the A's catchers, but Mike Zunino has 14 Hrs (1 more than Yan Gomes)

  • Tito Ross posted 1108 days ago

    Tito Ross

    Love this writer. More Please!