Damian Jackson

Damian Jackson


Hi. My name is Damian. I'm a journalism graduate from the University at Albany.

I love sports and have developed a passion to read and write about its world.

My favorite sports are basketball, baseball, and football.

Fan of the Dallas Mavericks, Green Bay Packers, and Syracuse Orange.

I'm 23 and learning, trying to find my way in a competitive world of sports journalism.

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  • jose rivera posted 2440 days ago

    jose rivera

    u dont now me but wats gud with da girls

  • Janet Kessler posted 2835 days ago

    Janet Kessler

    Hey Damian,

    Check out my latest on Roddy B.


  • Janet Kessler posted 2840 days ago

    Janet Kessler

    Hey Damian,

    Here is my latest on the Mavs.


  • JW Nix posted 2859 days ago

    JW Nix

    Has Roger Goodell Lost His Mind?:

  • Waleed Ershad posted 2859 days ago

    Waleed Ershad

    Well Damian seems like you were on the money. J-Ho and Butler, my two fav players on my two fav teams seem to be switching cities!

  • Richard Bowler posted 2860 days ago

    Richard Bowler

    Check out my new Mock Draft

  • Janet Kessler posted 2941 days ago

    Janet Kessler

    Hey Damian,

    Here is my latest Mavs article.


  • Aaron Navarro posted 2967 days ago

    Aaron Navarro

    mind checking out my latest article on the Dallas Mavericks
    check-up season again!


  • FreeDurant.com posted 3053 days ago



    I know you are a big NBA fan and if you are a true NBA then you know of the travesty that is currently happening in Oklahoma City. I am not talking about the Sonics moving there, I am talking about Kevin Durant being held captive on that team.

    The team is stuck in a perpetual cycle of rebuilding. How are they going to resign all those high draft picks? They can’t offer everyone one of those guys over $10M a year and if they sign Durant to the max offer of $14M a year, which they’ll have to, then they cannot afford to sign a good supporting cast to help him win.

    So, what I am asking for you is to come help me out with FreeDurant.com and write little posts about why it would be great for Durant to come to your city and help your team win a championship.
    If you are interested go here: http://www.freedurant.com/about there is an email link on the bottom of that page.

    Let’s create a storm to get Durant out of OKC to a place where he can win a championship!

    And the site is going to be going through some revamp soon, just taking a while to get the graphics done.

  • Janet Kessler posted 3073 days ago

    Janet Kessler

    Hey Damian,

    Here's my rant on the big bust.