Ian A

Ian A


I'm not actually a stat geek. My background is in marketing and social media.

I do seek ways to quantify my opinions though and I love proving my own hunches wrong by delving into the advanced numbers.

(sarcasm)I'm wrong, dammit, and I'll prove it!(/sarcasm)

Favorite Stats: RE24, wRAA, boLI, WPA
Least Favorite Stats: Wins, Losses, ERA, AVG, and anything from before Sabermetrics

"For pitchers, the deleveraged RE24 average (I need a TLA for that) ultimately tells us how well a pitcher prevents runs from scoring regardless of how those runners got on base"

"For batters, the RE24 tells us how likely their at bats are to result in runs and when compared to wRAA, tells us how well they hit with runners on base"

...and most people have never heard of either statistic.

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  • Barry Shiller posted 2208 days ago

    Barry Shiller

    Your (phonetic?) email address was unintelligible. My bad. Too linear a thinker, I guess.
    Mine is bhshiller@gmail.com. Shoot me what you've done.

  • Barry Shiller posted 2232 days ago

    Barry Shiller

    and mine: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/929174-sf-giants-offseason-moves-sanchez-traded-for-cabrera-3-immediate-implications

  • Barry Shiller posted 2263 days ago

    Barry Shiller

    Thanks...I'm gonna get it. Maybe I can better keep up w/you when discussing player values.

  • Ian A posted 2266 days ago

    Ian A

    Kio, thanks for the compliments.

    I think Rollins would be a very silly mistake. We all know how well he will be playing by his 37th birthday but I've been saying for a while that he fits the Giants obsession with aging shortstops.

    I don't think Beltran is coming back because an American League team will offer him a crazy contract to DH for them. He might come back if the Giants were to pick up Reyes and he'll consider coming back with a guy like Crisp, though it seems far less likely.

    I think you'll see Crawford and Fontenot at short, Crisp in center, Belt in left, and Schierholtz in right unless Lincecum & Cain get very serious with the management regarding run support expectations.

  • kio posted 2267 days ago


    Ian, dude you should write for BR... You have a lot of "common sense" and I think it'll be good for Giant Fans to read your articles and thoughts. Also, whats you're take on upcoming FA? Beltran coming back? Giant needs (Leadoff hitter, CF, power bat)? Theres a lot of talk of Rollins coming to the bay (but for 12+ mil and 5 years).