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  • Travis D posted 1439 days ago

    Travis D

    Hey DJ. I just read your article from November 22, on Manning vs. Brady.
    I really enjoyed the read. And look forward to your next Article on the Rivalry.
    Hopefully they will play each other in the AFC title game.

    I left a lengthy comment I hope you might read.
    But the short is I mentioned a few things of note I felt you left out of your article.
    1. Comparing the Offensive Talent for each QB.
    Example Peyton has played with 10 1st Rnd WR,RB, TE Drafted by the team
    he played for. Brady has had 2
    Peyton played for the Same Offensive Coordinator for 12 years.
    Brady had 5 different Coordinators.
    Comparing the Quality of the QB Backups Matt Casell vs Painter/Orlovski
    N.E. Develops their backups. IND never has
    In Comparing N.E. and IND year without Brady/Manning. You use the fact that N.E. had a good year without Brady. But you don't consider that Luck came in his Rookie year,
    with the same players as Peyton, and had a Better year.

    Things to consider. Hope you might take the time to give my comment on your
    article a once over.
    But truly appreciate the Article and the Read. Thanks.

  • Aaron Abdelhak posted 1519 days ago

    Aaron Abdelhak

    Will the real Broncos please stand up?

    Are you the magnificent Super Bowl bound offensive powerhouse that will only get better after Miller and Bailey return. Next week.

    Or the poorly coached mistake prone team with no defense beating weak teams. Masked by an incredible offense. Yes the game was close because Denver has one of the greatest offenses ever. But we lost anyway. Three weeks in a row now we look bad (or, are you desperate enough to talk Jacksonville).

    What did you see tonight?

    Wait till Kansas City. They have a defense not excuses.

    And coaches who can't sit on their heels and count on Manning.

  • Laurent Koziak posted 1625 days ago

    Laurent Koziak

    Hey dude stop your Patriots hate article go back in the mountains and keep losing to us in the playoffs.

  • DJ Siddiqi posted 1636 days ago

    DJ Siddiqi

    Good for you Jo Neff. I'll try my best to "become more literate" next time I type an article.

  • Jo Neff posted 1636 days ago

    Jo Neff

    Thanks for your message. However, I have been on the editorial staffs of three National magazines, have a Master's Degree in English, and have taught Composition and Literature at the college level. Here is what "The Chicago Manual of Style" says about this subject:
    Example of search on "in the vein of"
    Results 1 - 1 of 1 for in the vein of.
    4.64: The NIH Public Access Policy
    ... In a similar vein to the university policies addressed in the previous paragraph,
    a “Public Access Policy” has been adopted by the National Institutes of ...

  • Jo Neff posted 1637 days ago

    Jo Neff

    It would be gratifying if you would become more literate. In your article about the Denver Broncos' up-tempo offense in the Broncos' "Bleacher Report," you included the phrase: "... in the vain of..." This is wrong. It should be "...in the vein of..."

  • DJ Siddiqi posted 1775 days ago

    DJ Siddiqi

    Go Ravens!

  • BMoreGoHard posted 1776 days ago


    Good post C M, only thing about the Ravens winning the Super Bowl is it makes these clowns feel better about their cockiness. Better you say...yes, because they feel like "well, at least we lost to the Super Bowl Champs!" LMAO! C M, he will write better next season trust me. RavensStrong

  • C M posted 1778 days ago

    C M

    I'm happy there are haters like you in the world, because it makes it that much sweeter when we win and crush you. You gave so much hate to us, and this is what you're left with. Show some respect for your enemy, especially when they are the best.

  • BMoreGoHard posted 1785 days ago


    Do you really thing Denver would have beat down NE? NO! Denver fans, radio host, and writers like yourself was to cocky about that win for a team playing a bunch of bums. Wasn't their 11 game winning streak against teams with a record of 32-62? What a joke! And they (Denver) act like they was in the AFCC game last year like the Ravens was gonna roll over.