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Phil Sam


Wrestler hate list:

1.Randy Orton
2.Randy Orton
3.Randy Orton
4.Randy Orton
5.Randy Orton

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  • Charlie G posted 2397 days ago

    Charlie G

    Latest EGW exclusive:

  • Charlie G posted 2407 days ago

    Charlie G

    Too bad Lethal won't be there :(

    Oh well, he wasn't as agile and high flying as Aries though so yes! More of a chance for Aries to get the contract!

  • Charlie G posted 2413 days ago

    Charlie G

    Phil, Slammiversary was F*N insane!!!!!!

    Must watch event for any wrestling fan. My favorite PPV event = Slammiversary IX

    The edge of my seat the whole night. Great PPV. Phenomenal

  • Charlie G posted 2414 days ago

    Charlie G

    Um...I'm gonna try to find a live stream and if I do, I'll tell you whether it was worth it or not :)

  • Hamster Enigma posted 2422 days ago

    Hamster Enigma

    My CvC: