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  • Neymagic Skillz posted 914 days ago

    Neymagic Skillz


    OH WELL,


  • Adel Janevic posted 973 days ago

     Adel  Janevic

    How is work at The Daily Record?

  • BALD DIVEN BALD posted 985 days ago


    Hey Dave, just wanted to know what do you think of the current Bayer side and whom we should bring in and whom to let go whom to not

  • Gerard Bernat posted 1037 days ago

    Gerard Bernat

    I hope one day Neymar, Götze and Müller are Ballon D'Or finalists with Neymar winning it just to see your reaction. Hahaha but the chances of Götze and Müller becoming finalists are slim to none.

  • Sam Sam posted 1048 days ago

    Sam Sam

    Hi davey, how did you take the loss today, i hope your not crying now :(

  • H B posted 1093 days ago

    H B

    Are you on twitter mate?

  • A Football Romantic posted 1095 days ago

    A Football Romantic

    Hey, you are always moaning about players not being properly hyped.And always trying to pretend that you are not biased.So how about Roberto Firmino who had just 2 less goal+assist than Reus last year.Why not him?You can advocate him.

    Look you are a German and i get it that you feel sorry why such a league Like Bundesliga and all the German players don't get the same attention.

    But since when Germans crave fame.They are elegant themselves.I'm a guy from as far as South Asia in Bangladesh.And everyone here thinks the same regardless of aspect(political or social).

    You have to know that Latin countries have a tradition of growing individual talent and worshiping them.While German's has a tradition of result and team effort.If you cannot behold the beauty of football and embrace whoever plays it beautifully then all is in vein.
    One that got play is the luckiest,one that didn't was lucky to enjoy as he watched,the loser was who did not even enjoy it.

    Beside you have to know that any Big club fan whether that is Chelsea,Man U,Barca,Real M, they WILL be more than keen to take Reus,Neur and others.You should not feel jealous about that.It provokes others to mock you with a player that is less capable than the player you mention.I dont know how old are you,so i could tell if you are just that pationate.But there is no shame being a teenager and a football fan.If you are big enough than you have to value others to get it in return.

  • Adel Janevic posted 1107 days ago

     Adel  Janevic

    Sup Dave.

    Don't you agree that Neuer has no place in the Ballon'd'Or shortlist? What has he done this year to make him deserve it. He wasn't the best goalkeeper at the World Cup since Keylor Navas outperformed him while he just played normal for Bayern without anything exceptional. I am hoping to hear your answer, which I am guessing will contain no pro-German bias whatsoever since you have such a reputation as a level-headed and objective member of Bleacher Report.


  • Real Canadiens Club Futbol posted 1117 days ago

    Real Canadiens Club Futbol

    Dave! So where's Neuer gonna be in the Ballon d'or rankings? 2nd or 3rd? I think 2nd, what about you? Cheers

  • Neverback Down posted 1155 days ago

    Neverback Down

    Dave, so sorry, mate! I have just seen your message on my wall. I wanted to ask you, If for example, Messi or Ronaldo were playing in the German league, and player like Muller, Ribery etc were playing in La liga, would you still root for them to win the ballon D'or based on their INDIVIDUAL accomplishment?