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I'm a baseball nut that graduated from Marist College last May. I am an aspiring sports writer that received my bachelors degree in journalism.

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  • Ronnybrook posted 3218 days ago


    Ronnybrook pontificates on the donnybrook.

  • Bleacher Report posted 3238 days ago

    Bleacher Report

    Hey man,

    Thanks for the POTD vote and the great edits. I added the RIP back to the headline b/c I liked that bit, but I think you're right about the length. So I left the dates off. Thanks for the contribution.

    Always appreciate the encouragement.


  • Bryan Hollister posted 3238 days ago

    Bryan Hollister

    Thank you sir. it flows nicely. Appreciate the time...

  • Chris Potter posted 3244 days ago

    Chris Potter

    Thanks for the edit Steve - I'm glad you enjoyed reading my match report.

  • John Garcia posted 3245 days ago

    John Garcia

    Forgot to send you the link.

  • John Garcia posted 3245 days ago

    John Garcia

    Hey thanks for the edit Steve. I didn't notice I did that but for my first article in months I'll take it. I just wrote a new article. If you can check it out that would be awesome. Thanks man!


  • Dave DeVito posted 3245 days ago

    Dave DeVito

    Hey Steve,

    Thanks for the edit. I read & changed that quote half a dozen times and still didn't like it. You managed to do what I was trying to figure out.

    Thanks again,

  • Ryan Williams posted 3245 days ago

    Ryan Williams

    Thanks for the edit. I was going to change that but then I forgot about it haha.

  • Scott Stanton posted 3245 days ago

    Scott Stanton

    Hey Steve,

    Thank you for the edits, they're greatly appreciated!


  • C. Joseph Salomonson posted 3252 days ago

    C. Joseph Salomonson

    Steve, I looked at the changes you made to the article, and they make sense. The edits where I write about Duncan and Thomas were needed. I don't quite understand why sometimes you changed numbers to words, and in other cases, left the numbers. Anyway...thanks for the help. Have a great day, Craig.