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I'm a big hockey fan (Chicago Blackhawks), baseball fan (Cubs), as well as basketball, football and golf.

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  • Chris Urbanek posted 2125 days ago

    Chris Urbanek

    Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! I cannot even begin to tell you how perfect I think your article about not trading Kane is. It amazes me that people are totally ignoring everything that Kane has done for this team, and is still doing. When people talk about Gretzky and how if he could be traded then nobody’s safe, they fail to mention that that was a business move not a “improve the team” move. The Oilers owner needed money, and the league needed to become more popular on the west coast. The Hawks need neither of those things. I’m glad you also brought up the chemistry between Toews and Kane. I mentioned it in a response to an article a couple weeks ago, but it seems like people continually overlook it. It’s not every day that two amazing hockey players start their careers together like they did, and it’s even more rare for a franchise (especially Chicago with their history of moving young talent) to recognize it and build around it. The chemistry between those two is something that simply cannot be duplicated by someone else because not only did they grow up together on the ice; they learned the ins and outs of being in the NHL off ice as well.