Amin Malik

Amin Malik


I'm a 16 year old Sudanese guy living in America and my main interest is football. I'd like to become a football agent someday and I think that writing about football help me achieve that. It's also fun to have a platform to express your opinions about the beautiful game. I support Merreikh F.C. in the Sudanese domestic game and Chelsea in Europe.

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  • miha is Fottball posted 1818 days ago

    miha is Fottball

    hi amin how are u today

  • K Shakran posted 3338 days ago

    K Shakran

    Nice..I live in San Francisco. Yeah man, same to you too. Sudanese people are the most generous ever man. Yeah man, Sudan and Egypt are one ma man. Sudan's soccer has greatly evolved though. Unfortunately, I'm a die hard Ahly fan lol. I remember when El-Ahly played Al-Hilal over in Sudan and they whipped us hard (3-0), but Al-Ahly were able to qualify and suffer an unfortunate defeat from El Negm el Sahaly of Tunisia. It was brutal, but I loved it. I'm the kind of fan that doesn't really want his team to constantly win because that really creates a whole load of prob. Sudan qualified to the second stage of the World Cup qualifiers right?

    Oh, and I see you're a mareekh fan...that's tight!

  • K Shakran posted 3340 days ago

    K Shakran

    Hey Amin.

    What's up man?

    I see that your sudanese. I'm Egyptian man. Where do you live in the U.S?

  • A Dimond posted 3361 days ago

    A Dimond

    Ha, have they not actually rotated much then?!

    I know they didn't yesterday, but I wasn't sure about the rest of the season — as I wasn't totally convinced I thought it might be something to check. So, if you discovered that it wasn't entirely true, that was as much luck as judgement on my part!

  • Ricky O'Neal posted 3363 days ago

    Ricky O'Neal

    The Underestimated Importance of Football Agents

    For some the roles of agents keep football the billion pound industry it is across the world today.

    For others agents are unnecessary commodities that suck millions of pounds out of the game each year at the expense of the sport. Which Side do you sit on?

    Be sure to leave your opinion Amin!