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  • Jersey Al Bracco posted 3160 days ago

    Jersey Al Bracco

    Packers Community leaders have a Packers daft pick contest going. Here are the details:

  • Jersey Al Bracco posted 3213 days ago

    Jersey Al Bracco

    Like a little Packers History?

    Here's my Mt. Rushmore of the Green Bay Packers

  • Kevin Roberts posted 3219 days ago

    Kevin Roberts

    hey man, where have you been writing-wise? I haven't commented on your stuff yet, but I've read it and liked what I saw. You should hop back on that horse and make some bad decisions with your typing fingers.

    and while you're at it, check out my article on NFL free agent quarterbacks:

  • Zach Kruse posted 3322 days ago

    Zach Kruse

    Hey, I'd love for you to take a look at my new pieces!


  • Tim Seeman posted 3328 days ago

    Tim Seeman

    here's my take on the packers extension for aaron rodgers. hope you like it

  • Tim Seeman posted 3331 days ago

    Tim Seeman

    don't know if you're interested, but if you are, i got a marquette hoops preview written. it's on my profile page

  • Anthony Markson posted 3335 days ago

    Anthony Markson

    Thanks for the link on that article about ESPN coverage! ESPN really do look like a bunch of tools after deciding to go with the story after barely acknowledging it at first. I still don't think Fox and Glazer did a great job initially breaking the story though. Too many holes that could have been plugged early and easily. As noted toward the end of Stew's article as well, ESPN had coverage on the Tom Brady-Patriot story which is just as bad as the Favre story. Sloppy coverage is becoming the norm for a lot of media outlets today, which is why I question EVERYTHING. That tidbit about myself even annoys me sometimes. But news without facts is just rumor.

  • Zach Kruse posted 3337 days ago

    Zach Kruse

    Couple of new articles Steve, wanna take a look if you got time?

    Thanks man

  • Tyler Franz posted 3343 days ago

    Tyler Franz

    Thanks so much for the pick I really appreciate it. also love how we are both hardcore packers and cubs fans.

  • Kevin Paul posted 3344 days ago

    Kevin Paul

    Yes, tough times for the Badgers. I feel for them... have a bunch of family that went to school there are a big time Badger fans.
    But hey, look on the bright side, the Packers got back on the track.... and the Central is a very winnable division this year.