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  • Black Widow posted 1405 days ago

    Black  Widow

    love your comment on Kaitlyn's article. I think you just opened up other people's eyes on why Kailtyn left WWE...

  • Long gone posted 1444 days ago

    Long gone


  • Black Widow posted 1445 days ago

    Black  Widow

    another glitch? or someone has reported you?

  • Black Widow posted 1494 days ago

    Black  Widow

    I din see you around lately... what happened?

  • Robin Nico posted 1618 days ago

    Robin Nico

    Hey!!! I'm new here...

    Just want to drop by and say hi!

    BTW, did I just offend you in my last comment : ?

    If I did, I'm sorry... :)

    I can get carried away easily when it comes to Divas, though....


  • Eagle729 posted 1700 days ago


    LOL I see what u mean. No probs man :)

  • Laura Connors posted 1700 days ago

    Laura Connors

    I'm good! I thought you were banned though. Did everything get sorted out?

  • Joe Gvora posted 1701 days ago

    Joe Gvora

    Cool, it works again.

  • Joe Gvora posted 1701 days ago

    Joe Gvora


  • Dangggggg. Look at him. posted 1966 days ago

    Dangggggg. Look at him.

    You've opened my eyes. I hear Vince says his wrestlers are independent contractors as well and doesn't pay for anything medical. however, he pays them enough that they can afford it. Those articles were dated 2011. Gail, ODB, and a few others are now back with TNA since then. They must just love being wrestlers. Why would they go back to that?