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Tyler Purcell


Avid sports fan born and raised in Minnesota. Studied Journalism at the University of Minnesota. Favorite sports are basketball, football, baseball, hockey, and cycling.

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  • Hamed Haddadi posted 1273 days ago

    Hamed  Haddadi

    Tyler--you are one buthurt Timberwolves fan. You know that Love is coming to LA next summer so you feel the need to bash on Kobe and the Lakers. I posted this comment in reply to one of yours on the Brazil article. Take a look at it:
    Tyler you're clearly a Kobe hater. You have no idea what you're talking about. You are blinded by the BS media stories. Kobe didn't play a 'role' in Shaq's departure. The Lakers knew and made the smart choice of choosing Kobe over Shaq due to financial reasons. Even Shaq himself said that the Lakers weren't giving him the money he wanted so the Lakers had to choose between Kobe and Shaq and the chose the young superstar who was just about to hit his prime. And are you seriously making an absurd claim that Kobe 'refused' to play for the Hornets. Yes, Kobe preferred to play with the Lakers, but he held workouts with many other teams, even the CELTICS. So don't pull some BS about Kobe refusing to play for the Hornets. He may have never been enthusiastic about playing for them, but it was the LAKERS and Jerry West that brought Kobe to the Lakers because they were impressed by him from day 1. The only time where Kobe was frustrated with the Lakers was during Phil's absence and when he was surrounded by a terrible roster composed of Smush Parker, Brown, etc. And can you blame him? Kobe was at the prime of his career and had absolutely no support whatsoever--Kobe almost single-handedly beat the second seeded Suns and they were up 3-1 at one point. And did you honestly say that the Lakers gave up Pau for almost nothing? How stupid can you get? Last time I checked, the Grizzlies got MARC GASOL--a defensive player of the year and an all-star-- in return. The trade benefited both teams. The Lakers got two titles while the Grizzlies got themselves a franchise center piece and they even went to the Conference Finals because of that trade. And are you honestly questioning Kobe's motivation or loyalty? Do you think that he wanted to miss an entire season? Kobe is the greatest Lakers of all-time and has done so much for this Lakers franchise. How can you ask a millionaire to take a paycut from these billionaire owners behind the desk who don't deserve the money. And Kobe would never let his team to miss the playoffs for 2 straight years, let alone 10! Tyler, you are clearly a buthurt Timberwolves fan that feels threatened that Kevin Love is going to leave your incompetent franchise and join the Lakers.