John Ruyf

John Ruyf


I know, I know. The life of a Cleveland sports fan might be the worst. No titles since 1964!? Come on! But, at a young age my father sat me down and told me this is who we root for: BROWNS, INDIANS, CAVS. I'm actually from SE Ohio, but my Father is from Cleveland Heights. The great part about it is that I choose to live this life and love my teams to death. I can remember heartache unlike any other. I can remember joys unlike any other.

But how in the world am I a UNC and Florida State fan? Hey, when you are young and poor without cable TV growing up, you tend to root for who's on TV. I happened to watch a lot of FSU football and UNC basketball in the 90s. I am learning to love Buckeye sports..... they are my number 2 teams.

Lastly, I love UFC and LOVED the WEC. When WEC was swallowed up by UFC, I was quite happy. I've followed the WEC since around the beginning of the last decade. Chuck Liddell was my favorite fighter. My favorites now are Nate Marquardt, Shane Carwin, Grey Maynard, Cain Velasquez, Diego Sanchez, Dan Hardy, Jon Jones, Wanderlei Silva, Jose Aldo, Uriah Faber, Matt Hamill, Frank Mir, Clay Guida.....

As a matter of fact I should just put who I dont like: Tito Ortiz, Michael Bisping and Rashad Evans.

2010 Ohio University Graduate. Going there made me realize that people are different and that it is a good thing! I am passionate about sports of all kinds. People disagree with my opinions and that is ok with me. I do love a good debate ;)

I am here to make a difference. I am currently trying to turn my lovely girlfriend into a sports fan (not much succes). But, I am turning my niece into one (SWEET SUCCESS....although shes 7 months old...ha).

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  • BAN CHEATERS posted 1664 days ago


    Damn you really are a fan of all STEROID CHEATS, Carwin one of worst ever in MMA, Manny Ramirez in baseball. sad day when a sports writer actually pretends someone like Nate "THE CHEAT" Marquardt isn't a career long steroid cheat. You also may want go try and learn something about steroids before making stupid statements like "it makes no sense that Nate a guy who cuts weight would be doing steroids" You sir are a complete idiot thinking all steroid cheats pack on lbs and bulk.

  • BAN CHEATERS posted 1664 days ago


    How you could have ever LIED ie:stuck up for such a piece of shit STEROID CHEAT like Nate Marquardt I will never understand. The man is a 3 time LOSER busted dead to right for abusing PED"s. Says a lot about ones character who defends a STEROID CHEAT

  • Derek Ciapala posted 2391 days ago

    Derek Ciapala I'm here...I'll start writing soon...