A member of the Fantasy Sports Writers Association and Pro Football Writers of America who resides in Columbus, Ohio, Gary has been featured on a number of fantasy websites and in nationally circulated publications.

These publications include the USA Today Fantasy Football Preview and the magazines distributed by Fantasy Sports Publications Inc., for whom Gary is a both a contributing author and associate editor.

Gary is a two-time FSWA Award finalist, and his article "To Gronk or Not to Gronk" was honored by the FSWA as the 2015 Print Article of the Year.

Gary also appears regularly on Sirius XM Radio (including live from Radio Row at Super Bowl XLIX), KDUS Radio in Phoenix, Arizona and is the co-host of The Fantasy Football Feeding Frenzy, a weekly podcast on Blog Talk Radio.

Gary was one of the co-founders of, and Head Writer at, Fantasy Football Oasis before joining Fantasy Sharks as an IDP Senior Staff Writer in 2011.

Gary joined Bleacher Report in 2011 and is now an NFL Analyst for B/R, covering the latest happenings in the National Football League and reporting on how they affect the fortunes of fantasy football fanatics everywhere.

He knows football. Or so he's heard.

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  • William Berry posted 49 days ago

    William Berry

    You can't win with a middle linebacker.

  • William Berry posted 103 days ago

    William Berry

    Gray- Jonathan Stewart has been extended this year until 2018.

  • Steamin Willie Beamen posted 282 days ago

    Steamin Willie Beamen

    Gary - Would you be interested in speaking with your editor about the possibility of writing an article about the issues referees have been having while officiating prime time games in Seattle? We have the Fail Mary, KJ Wright's batting of the football out of the end one against Detroit, and most recently the mess that occurred against Buffalo on Monday Night Football. Sometimes I wonder if the refs struggle more in Seattle (especially for prime time) because of the crowd noise. I think it probably makes their already difficult job incredibly hard. The crowd in Seattle is very loud, and the fact that the stadium doesn't use soft acoustic material in the partial roof, means all that noise is reflected down to the field. I don't know, it's just a theory of mine on why it seems like there's been so many controversies in Seattle.

    Thanks Gary, best writer on B/R!!

    – Steamin'

  • Danielle Sheridan Bruskin posted 331 days ago

    Danielle Sheridan Bruskin

    I've been hunting high and low for Expert Consensus Picks, too! Great info and entertaining as hell! Please bring it back.

  • Christina Barclay posted 338 days ago

    Christina Barclay

    Gary, where is your week 2 expert consensus? I've been reading your articles since 2012, and count on you, help a sista out!!!

  • Donald Andersen posted 338 days ago

    Donald Andersen

    Yeah Gary what happened with Expert Consensus Picks dude? I liked it as a little primer for the week's games and it was kinda funny in a stale non offensive office manager sorta way too

  • Rachel Welker posted 338 days ago

    Rachel Welker

    I agree, I loved the Expert Consensus Picks. Did you guys stop doing those?

  • Billy Mccaleb posted 340 days ago

    Billy Mccaleb

    What happened to the Expert Consensus Picks ?

  • Gary Zimmerman posted 344 days ago

    Gary Zimmerman

    Are you going to be doing the Expert Consensus picks this year? I loved reading it as I found it to be a big help for my confidence league.

  • nmo cpines posted 585 days ago

    nmo cpines

    Thanks for writing the "got what he deserved article," it is spot on. I think anything up to and including a 16 game ban would of also fit under what he deserved ( based on all the other things he has done to players not on the Steelers roster... Maxx Williams, Cam Newton, Greg Olsen, etc.... ). I think another topic of discussion is the complete lack of leadership shown by M. Lewis regarding all of this. This is probably as tragic as Burfict's actions. In a nutshell, M. Lewis should be saying " we as an organization do not tolerate behavior like this and will do what is necessary to remedy it." That makes for a nice way to accept some responsibility, while also allowing that there is room for a rebirth of a very talented, but extremely damaged, dangerous, and completely NFL unworthy player.