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  • Jeff Lamphere posted 1897 days ago

    Jeff Lamphere

    I didn't realize you posted on my wall, but since you did I figured I would return the favor. You're mistaking my statements as anger when nothing could be further from the truth. As for you being a Detroit police officer, I have no fear of you because you guys are too lazy to get off your butts for anything but a doughnut, or a payout from one of Detroit's drug dealing brothers. I hope the emergency manager gets rid of all the Detroit cops and replaces them with real police officers that live up to their oath to "protect and serve". I think it's ridiculous that the police department of Detroit can refuse to respond to an accident, unless it's severe enough to possibly have fatalities. You cops may think that's the norm (and probably do) because the same lackadaisical nonchalant crap has been going on in Detroit for so many years now, but I assure you it isn't. It's gotten so bad that anyone in their right mind wouldn't venture into the city anymore, because the criminals roam the city not the police. I know several people who have had issues in Detroit over the last 10-15 years, so I'm not alone in expressing my feelings about the city, or the police department. I can see things getting much worse before they get any better... it won't be long until people visiting Detroit will only do so when their armed, and will stand up against the criminal intent that feel they are entitled to rob, steal from, and feast on the visitors entering the city. And you Detroit cops deserve all the credit for that happening because you have ignored citizens calls for assistance when they needed it. I can't even watch the news anymore because of the horrors that are on the news nightly about the violence in Detroit, because the inmates are running the Asylum that Detroit has become. You needn't bother responding to this because I could care less what your opinion is one way or the other, I just wanted to explain my point, which anyone with any amount of intellect I'm sure can understand as frustration, not anger. I've gotten over the anger of my daughters and my phone calls being ignored when her truck was stolen, and stripped in front of the tow truck driver's eyes. Was I angry than... you better believe it, because when I called the police and told them what intersection the building was located on, they wouldn't do anything because I didn't have the building address. It doesn't matter that I gave them (the precinct with jurisdiction in that area, after going through a ridiculous amount of runaround) the name of both streets, without the buildings address they refused to even try to respond. The person that took my daughter's truck into the cesspool that the city of Detroit has become is the person that my daughter has to sue in civil court, (if she can be found that is) in order to get the $5800 that her truck was valued at. To me this is worth much more than $5800 because 1, I am a professional mechanic so I know how sound her vehicle was, and 2, she just paid for having the transmission rebuilt, which would have gotten her through her college years, and beyond. So put that in your marijuana pipe and smoke it!

  • Isaac Smith posted 2121 days ago

    Isaac Smith

    thanks for the kind words. I figure there's no sense in dis-respecting someone on this site as a) you probably dont know them, and b) aren't doing any favors for your other people who want to comment. Having said that, you always think out your comments very well, and you throw in a bit of humor as well to keep people on their toes; it's appreciated.

  • Royce Jeffrey posted 2381 days ago

    Royce Jeffrey

    I saw you read the story on 5 reason Boudreau should go. Check out my take on it and let me know what you think: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/726001-washington-capitals-if-you-want-a-stanley-cup-bruce-boudreau-must-be-fired