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  • james buschell posted 1809 days ago

    james buschell

    Go shove you SEC dick in a lawnmower faggot

  • Amber Lee posted 2014 days ago

    Amber Lee

    Your comment on my "distracting sports fan" piece, quite seriously made my day. I hope you'll fan me on b/r and/or follow me on Twitter (@Blamberr) and keep in touch. I'll return the favor, naturally! Either way...much appreciated.

  • Cole Dolan posted 2084 days ago

    Cole Dolan

    Thanks for the support on my "10 Ways to Spot a Texas Longhorns Fan" article man!

  • Chris Lane posted 2190 days ago

    Chris Lane

    Right on. I tend to write long comments to SEC fans...they bashed me for not wanting Meyer, and lately I have been being bashed simply because Meyer was hired. SEC fans tend to troll me. I thought it was happening again. Good luck again...take care, brother.

  • Chris Lane posted 2191 days ago

    Chris Lane

    I want to apologize for the length of my comment to you. You asked me about my comments about coach Fickell and coach Meyer. I felt like you were making fun of me and that I knew very little about college football. You laughed. Anyway...I didn't think it was the nicest comment in the world from you but I am upset in no way at all. I just wanted you to know that I know my college football very well, have been a Buckeye fan for life and I'm 38 years old. I was not trying to be rude to you in any way, I always try to be cool to all in my comments, and hope that you realize that. I normally can't get along with SEC fans even though I live in SEC country. Please take no offense from anything I said as I meant none at all. Good luck to you and "Bama...Roll Tide! Take care, brother.

  • Daryl T posted 2222 days ago

    Daryl T

    My problem right now with the BE is that they seem more worried about WVU leaving than adding new teams. I don't understand why the BE won't offer unless they know without a doubt a team will accept. It makes no sense to me. Does the BE think it will make them look bad to get turned down? At this point, nothing can make them look any worse. Several teams are seriously considering joining the BE and if these teams can next year, WVU, Pitt and Cuse would be able to leave after this year. I think that would solidify this conference more so than trying to keep those 3 schools around for an extra year

  • Daryl T posted 2224 days ago

    Daryl T

    I agree this is a pissing match between WVU and the BE and I also think it will get settled out of court with extra fees imposed on WVU. And you are also correct that WVU will have to prove the BE breached their end of the contract. But I think WVU has a very good case for the breach of contract. The BE is only trying to keep WVU for money...and that is it. The money WVU brings in from their bowl games and from basketball is the ONLY reason the BE wants to keep WVU. To me, that is not a valid argument for keeping WVU. I also know WVU wanted certain other teams to get invites to join the BE in football but the board, which was filled with mostly basketball schools and ND, voted no on those schools. It does appear as though the BE is trying to save it's basketball schools more so than the football schools....and that is something else WVU is claiming and has a valid point

    As far as wording goes in the contract, I have yet to read or see their contract. What I do know is that WVU officials stated TCU signed the exact same contract and were under the exact same stipulations that WVU and every other BE team was under. If that is the case, then the BE letting TCU out of their contract could very well be a legit reason for WVU to get out of it.

  • Daryl T posted 2231 days ago

    Daryl T

    Here's the thing....you don't have a clue about what is going on in Morgantown, WVU or the BE. All you see is that WVU signed a contract and you think they have to stick to that contract no matter what. You probably haven't even read WVU's allegations and why they think they should be allowed out. Not only that, you actually think the BE Commish has a right to pick and choose which contracts have to be followed and which ones don't. TCU signed the EXACT same contract that WVU did and you think its ok TCU was let out of their contract but not ok for WVU to be let out. You contradict yourself

  • Daryl T posted 2237 days ago

    Daryl T

    Do you comment on boards just to get a rise out of people or do you actually believe that crap you say

  • Larry Burton posted 2321 days ago

    Larry Burton

    Thanks again...