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hey, im trey nelson. i live in alabama. im big fan of football, baketball and a little baseball. my team is the crimson tide, im not like most alabama fans. i believe we are not the best every tyear, im not afraid to say we are going to lose. i love the tide, dont get me wrong, but i hate it when people say we are going to the national championship and say we are going undefeated and just all arou8nd say we are better that all the others. were not. we have our good seasons and our bad ones and when we have our bad ones people get upset like we was suppose to beat unbeaten. i believe the sec is the toughest confrence, hands down. its dominant, physical and fast. to fast for some to handle these past few years, especially to fast for ohio state in its back to back defeats to two sec juggernauts. im a football fan, plain and simple.

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  • c dockens posted 3329 days ago

    c dockens

  • Eric Quackenbush posted 3355 days ago

    Eric Quackenbush

    Hey Trey, I edited a few items in your article, "Penn State: The Lions Are Out!" Basically just a couple changes to catch the eye a little bit. Very well-written article, and I thouroughly enjoyed reading it. I also gave it my POTD.