Sean Stancill

Sean Stancill


My name is Sean Stancill, I'm 17 years old, and this is a real BowFlex body.
I'm from the 4th most dangerous city in America,Oakland,CA and I found the love for the Sports World at age 8.

I will be making my return to B/R in the following days before the announcement of NBA Beat Writers 09' so stay tuned.

The picture is a Kansas State Wildcat where I will attend in the Fall. However I'm still mulling over options from Xavier and UC Berkeley as well as UCLA. My decision will depend on the amount of the signing bonus.

After inquring about a internship threw another site, I was recruited by one of the site's founders, Dave Nemetz. I became a Senior Writer in 2 months. Through Bleacher Report I have received an internship, much needed experience in sports journalism, and acceptance into the Bleacher Report's Press Corps Program.

I was also the winner of Bleacher Report's NBA Beat Writers Competition involving coverage throughout the saga that was the NBA Playoffs.

Currently, I am the Community Leader of the Denver Nuggets and the Wake Forest Demon Deacons.

My bread and butter is the NBA, but I'm still good on the NFL,MLB,CBB,and CFB. Currently listed at 5'10 165lbs and still growing; at about 22 when I stop sprouting I'll be 6-4, and a 1st round draft pick of the Denver Nuggets, who should've gotten Ron Artest.

As a sports journalist, I have realized that everyone in this profession has at least contradicted themselves at least 5 times in their career.

At times, my fondness for the Denver Nuggets gets in the way of reality; but in defense its natural with any die hard fan in any sport to think of their team greater than what they truly are.

I've had a brief run in with NBA royalty which includes:

Getting 2 feet away from Scottie Pippen at Oracle Arena when Scottie was a Blazer
Seen Chris Mullin face-to-face jogging in Downtown Oakland
Attended a Basketball Camp hosted by former Lakers player Brian Shaw

Here a few of my articles that have made into the National Spotlight

Note: For Scroll down to the Utah Jazz Section to see my Jazz Fend Off Blazers link
For Scroll down to College Basketball All Left-Handed Team

Not to brag but, there's more.

I can also be found at:

If anyone is looking for a writer you can contact me at or at

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    Do you blame the Knicks struggles this season on Chris Duhon? See what I think.

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    My pleasure SEAN, it was an excellent article.

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    Hey Sean,

    who should the Nuggets go after in the off season?

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    Hey Sean,

    The NBA and NHL playoffs have been amazing this year, haven't they?