I'm James Reagan and I'm currently a junior at Messiah College. I am majoring in journalism with a minor in history. For the next two semesters I will be studying at Temple University in Philadelphia.

I've been interested in sports for most of my life. During my childhood I played rec soccer for 9 years, high school football for 2 years, cross country for 2 years, and track for 5 years. Although I loved to play sports, I found that watching was actually more fun.

My first good sports memory was the Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl in 2000. Unfortunately I was too young to fully appreciate it but I still look back on it fondly. Especially since it's the only championship a Baltimore based sports team has won during my life.

I would have never have gotten interested in watching NFL games without playing high school football. Even though I was a small kid who didn't know how to tackle, I learned a lot sitting on the bench two years for the Maryland Christian Saints. I pride myself on being a pioneer on this successful high school team, namely the Saints first truly terrible player.

My favorite sport is by far the NFL but I'm interested in other sports as well. The last couple years I've gotten into both NCAA mens basketball and the NBA. I still dream of the day Baltimore returns to the NBA. I also enjoy international sport events like soccer and the Olympics. I am a Baltimore Orioles fan though it is psychologically unhealthy and depression causing. Therefore I limit the amount of Orioles games I watch, which isn't hard since they haven't really been good during my entire life.

If you haven't noticed yet I'm a diehard fan of Baltimore sports. No matter what in any league, the Baltimore team is my favorite one. I guess I'm just an intensely loyal person to the city I've lived in or near my entire life.

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  • Chris Roling posted 1961 days ago

    Chris Roling

    Hey James, my email says you have sent me a PM, but it won't show up on B/R for some reason. I'm assuming it's about our fantasy league(lol). I'm setting a live draft for sometime this week to get it done, hopefully Wed night.

  • Chris Roling posted 2013 days ago

    Chris Roling

    Hey James, we're doing an AFC North Featured Columnist FF league, if you want to join shoot me your email!

  • Judy Bowen posted 2014 days ago

    Judy Bowen

    Yes, I've heard others say that Drew Brees will beat that record. We shall see. Unitas himself commented that he didn't know or care that he had thrown 47 touchdowns in a row. His comment: "Did we win? That's all I cared about." So humble and so great.

  • Judy Bowen posted 2015 days ago

    Judy Bowen

    Do you think Johnny Unitas' 47 consecutive touchdowns in a row can be beaten?