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  • CYRUS 99 STARK posted 2380 days ago


    Hey Bro, check out my new article;

  • CYRUS 99 STARK posted 2417 days ago


    Hey, check out my new article;

  • Robin S posted 2433 days ago

    Robin S

    Actually, Spain deserved it...

    Forget about the WC. What about our season...The one and only Arsenal's 2010-2011 campaign....Hopefully we might see some form of silverware this time at last...

  • Robin S posted 2472 days ago

    Robin S

    what's up, Deena?

  • Robin S posted 2554 days ago

    Robin S

    Deena, how come suddenly you came up with this brilliant article ;)? I am really surprised. I thought you were busy with your pharmacy and left off B/R. =P

  • CYRUS 99 STARK posted 2575 days ago


    Check this out;

  • Jam posted 2577 days ago


    Thanks for the like, really appreciate it. It was the least enjoyable piece i've written bc of the circumstances - i was too upset to do anything, i almost didnt write it actually, but I'm glad i did.

    Thanks again Deena.

  • Jam posted 2578 days ago


    I saw your pic and i thought i wonder what game was that....anyways i love it and a great choice.

  • Robin S posted 2593 days ago

    Robin S

    This is not fair. This is cheating. This is cheating. :/

    You've purposefully delayed the reply so as to give me very little time to respond or even propose :X

    This time you've escaped.

    HA HA yep i got my first girl-friend just hours aftr my birth. :P

  • Robin S posted 2594 days ago

    Robin S