Joey Seguin

Joey Seguin


Joey Seguin, along with Michael J. Fox, Steve Yzerman and those guys who sing that song about a million dollars, is a Canadian national treasure. He’s done it all, including referring to himself in the third person for this bio.
At only the age of 20, Joey broke the record for longest home-run in the Under-14 National Whiffle-Ball league and he’s not done. He once beat Usain Bolt’s record in the 100 Meter Dash, but twisted his ankle and couldn’t cross the finish line.
In his spare time, Joey enjoys paragliding, stationary bike riding and working on celebratory breakdance moves in front of the mirror. He also brought the 1993 Montreal Canadiens, the 1984 Detroit Tigers and the 1957 Detroit Lions to championships, hitting a walk-off one-timer in the 4th quarter.

He also likes to write sports articles, check them out.

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