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The Controversial Aaron LeGresley

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Hey, I love to write, especially about sports. My main sports are pretty much any one's that take place inside of some kind of ring or mat. Wrestling, Boxing, UFC, MMA, Kick Boxing, Ect. I also was in kick boxing for 5 years, and boxing for 8. I now am working on my wrestling career, and my goal is to surpass the great Shawn Michaels as the greatest of all time and yes I do think I will do just that.

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  • Tyler Williams posted 3017 days ago

    Tyler Williams

    When All Else Fails Appreciate The Greatness Displayed In The Ring....

  • Matthew Hester posted 3064 days ago

    Matthew Hester

    I havnt pimped out my reads in a while but this is my 100th read.If you can check it out and rate it that would be great.

  • Adrian Staehle posted 3162 days ago

    Adrian Staehle

    this my story on my love for wrestling

  • J posted 3179 days ago


    Check out my latest article on what position the WWE’s tag team division will be left in post WrestleMania…

  • Celeste Winchester posted 3191 days ago

    Celeste Winchester

    Hey TC Aaron
    here is my latest article I hope you get a chance to read it and please leave a comment as you feedback is always welcome, please don't forget to link me to your new articles

  • Mike Kent posted 3192 days ago

    Mike  Kent

    This is a article saying thanks to you, and to the rest of BR

  • J posted 3192 days ago


    Here’s the sequel to my “Mathematical Connections to Wrestling” article, I hope you enjoy it…

  • Joe Doherty posted 3197 days ago

    Joe Doherty

    Did you leave me a note man??