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I am one of the biggest Chiefs you will met. I have season tickets and the Chiefs will always be my team no matter what. I am one of those crazy people that you see in the parking lot at 8:30 am. Game day at Arrowhead Stadium is as awesome experience and I have yet to experience any other stadium that compares. GO CHIEFS!!

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  • Alex Johnson posted 2986 days ago

    Alex Johnson

    Week 5 here we go!

    Will the Chiefs do something for the first time in 32 years today?

  • Ryan Michael posted 3048 days ago

    Ryan Michael

    Why Joe Namath should be removed from the Pro Football Hall of Fame...

    Any thoughts you might have on the subject would be greatly appreciated.

    -Ryan Michael

  • Craig Brown posted 3058 days ago

    Craig Brown

    Time to gear up for training camp. See what questions I hope to be answered in Wisconsin.

  • Alex Johnson posted 3062 days ago

    Alex Johnson

    Check out how one play in 2008 changed NFL history forever:

  • Craig Brown posted 3063 days ago

    Craig Brown

    Take a peek at my teams destined to disappoint in 2009. Thanks for reading.

  • Craig Brown posted 3073 days ago

    Craig Brown

    Some think it's genius, some think it's insane. Read my take on the Matt Cassel contract extension.

  • Craig Brown posted 3088 days ago

    Craig Brown

    Josh - I'm sure to stir the pot with this one. Be sure to chime in. Thanks!

  • Craig Brown posted 3092 days ago

    Craig Brown

    Yo Josh - wanted to check your thoughts on LJ for the coming season. Let me know what you think.

  • TJ Gerrity posted 3095 days ago

    TJ Gerrity

    Josh, what do you think we can expect out of Matt Cassel? Will he pay off in the end? I'd love any feedback you may have.