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I am an account executive with a cable company in West Virginia and have loved sports my entire life. I enjoy talking sports and love to share what I think is a unique perspective on todays sports.

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  • C. J. Krasyk posted 3345 days ago

    C. J.  Krasyk

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  • Daryl T posted 3369 days ago

    Daryl T


    Thanks for your post. Yes I saw the UL game in which both White and Slaton amazed everyone. But it wasn't the first time White played in a game. He played in just about every other game, when the games mattered, and did not do an outstanding job. Maybe he needed some time to get going. I don't know. But it wasn't as though he didn't have a shot before that. If White played earlier on like he did against UL he might have played earlier and more often.

    As far as Gwaltney goes, he didn't last because he didn't go to school, but he didn't play because he was injured. When he was in there he was averaging around 6yds per carry and doing a great job. He was a 5* recruit and one of the best RBs coming out of HS. He would have started in front of Slaton at any school for any coach anywhere. WVU also had another RB that rushed for over 1,000yds the previous year so it stands to reason why Slaton would be third string going into the season.

    As far as RR's offense and needing a mobile are only half right. Go back and look at RR's offense at Glenville St, Tulane, and Clemson. They had QBs that were somewhat mobile but could throw. Their QBs didn't need to be fast, but the defense had to respect them enough to know they would and could run the ball. The QB also had to be able to throw the ball with accuracy.Bednarik fit that mold to some extent. He was a proven better passer than White, but obviously couldn't run like White. During the UL game, WVU actually changed their offensive philosphy to match the talents of White and Slaton. That offense they ran in the 4th was different than any other offense they ran previously. So much for saying RR doesn't make adjustments.

    RR is egotistcal and does have a big head. But so do most of the good coaches. He very well could be run out of Mich in 2 years....I just don't see it happening. I just hope you are around after that two years to see what conspires.

  • Daryl T posted 3371 days ago

    Daryl T

    Fans like you only pay attention to one team and have no clue what is going on anywhere else in country. First of all, RR's spread option offense wasn't meant as a QB run first offense. Yes he used the QB to run the ball, but it was more passing and less running although the ratio was close. Look at his offenses at Glenville State, Tulane and Clemson. When Coach Rod arrived at WVU he continued to run the same style of offense he used at the previous schools where he would rely on the QBs arm more than his leg. He needed the QB to be somewhat mobile, but nothing like White. Pat White had been given chances in several games leading up to the UL game and he did not look all that amazing in those games. By the perfomances White had in those games it was not surprising that he did not start. Bednarik was senior to White and appeared to understand the offense better than White. White came in the UL game, along with Slaton, and had an amazing game. Coach Rod changed the offense some to match the skills of White and he started from then on out. If you know anything about football you would recognize that our offense changed in style from the first couple games when White wasn't in there to when White started the second half of the season.

    As far as Slaton and Gwaltney goes, you are right at JG not going to class and getting in trouble for same. But that wasn't why he wasn't playing in the UL game. JG was having a great season but he got hurt. That is why he wasn't playing...because he got hurt. WVU also had a RB that the previous year rushed for over 1000yds so it stands to reason that that RB would also start before a 3* freshman would. Slaton happened to have a better season than most thought, but a lot of that had to do with the offense and plays Coach Rod set up for him.

    I bet you are one of those fans that think White and Slaton made RR aren't you??? If that's the case, why can't White and Devine do the same for Stew? Stew as the ENTIRE OL back from last year and better overall athletes (thanks to RR recruits) around White this year than last. Why is this year's offense averaging 17ppg when last years offense averaged over 40ppg? How did RR help turn Tulane's team around and have a perfect season in his second year? How did he help Clemson succeed in his second year and Clemson has gone downhill ever since RR left. Let's see what happens in Mich in 2 or 3 years.....since this year doesn't mean much. And if you say it does then that tells me your knowledge of football is less than what I thought.

    I am a HUGE WVU fan and always will be....but I can't stand fans that sound like bitter ol' ex-girlfriends. And a lot of WVU fans sound that way. They loved RR when he was here and now say he was a terrible coach and the only reason we won any games was because of White and Slaton. I wonder if they realize how stupid it makes then and the rest of the WVU fans sound. The only ones that say that are WVU fans....everyone else outside of WVU (except for tOSU fans now) say Coach Rod is a great coach. Maybe WVU fans should try to get an outsiders respective. You have your right to an opinion and not like Coach Rod....but when you say he isn't a good coach, you lose credibility and you make ALL WVU fans look bad

  • Scott Rieger posted 3372 days ago

    Scott Rieger

    Check out my article on Noel Devine.

  • James Williamson posted 3377 days ago

    James Williamson

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  • James Williamson posted 3377 days ago

    James Williamson

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