Subhash Peshwa

Subhash Peshwa


Subhash Peshwa is a student of Mechanical Engineering. He is passionate about football and has been following it for many years .He intends to write in-depth articles of what goes about in the footballing world in general .Being a supporter Liverpool Football Club, he writes specifically about the club's matches, players and transfers.

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  • David Hendrick posted 2376 days ago

    David Hendrick

    Hey mate,

    Thanks for the reply.

    I probably should have split it into 5 slides, the intro, one for Carra, one for Kelly, one for Agger and one for Hummels. That prob would have made it a more attractive read for people because it looks like a very long read the way I did it.

    Cheers for the advice!

  • David Hendrick posted 2382 days ago

    David Hendrick

    Hey Red,

    If you get a chance can you have a look at the article I wrote about new central defenders for Liverpool and let me know what you think?