My first recollection of caring about sports came when I was 7-years-old. I watched Florida State whoop up on some random ACC competition. I've been hating Gators ever since. My love of sports and any form of competition (Seriously, Aussie rules football is great at 2 a.m. on ESPN) developed as I grew up and I was able to combine my love of sports with my love of writing. I went on to work for a small newspaper before I went to college.

College was a crazy time for me, writing about any and everything (Honestly, writing about any kind of sport is a lot better than writing on Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy, I hope you see this Prof. Wilkerson). I remember college just like it was yesterday, mainly because I graduated like two months ago, but I digress. I graduated in May 2011 from Carson-Newman College with my degree in Communication Studies: Advertising and Public Relations.

My involvement in sports includes baseball for one year (I just really wasn't that good when I was six), basketball for about nine years, and golf for 16. My experience on the field is limited compared to some, but I love all sports, some more than others.

I hope you enjoy the content I post and I'll see you on the comment boards.

Paul Tucker

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