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  • Gordon Carson posted 2208 days ago

    Gordon Carson

    Thanks for the props on my edit, Sunil.

    B/R style guidelines says headlines draw more if they ask a question. People are curious and want to read the answer.


  • Pavlos Georgiou posted 2260 days ago

    Pavlos Georgiou

    hey Sunil, here is my latest mix in attempt to make a difference with this lockout:

  • Nicole Gordon posted 2270 days ago

    Nicole Gordon

    Sunil, I am not sure what happened to your slide. I didn't edit the slides, as they worked perfectly with the article. This has happened a few times this week with various articles.

  • Pavlos Georgiou posted 2291 days ago

    Pavlos Georgiou

    thanks a lot Sunil for such high praise of my videos!! hopefully one day I can be considered!
    im currently thinking of making another mix like no other that would feature the knicks evolution the past 20 years and its 3.5 eras

    im loving this website and articles like the one u just posted about the knicks SG keeps us entertained during the summer of no basketball!!

  • Pavlos Georgiou posted 2300 days ago

    Pavlos Georgiou

    yeah no doubt Sunil, i bet youve probably ran into some of them though
    heres my channel where you can see my old ones where i had a mix of all the funny plays this past decade until present day where i had all the pumped up ones that gaines thousands of views- The Road to the playoffs was tweeted by Amar'e and its on his website:

    i look forward to more of your articles through this dreaded lockout!!!


  • Erica Taylor posted 2300 days ago

    Erica Taylor

    Not a problem Sunil.

  • J. Jackson posted 2302 days ago

    J. Jackson

    Hey,Sunil, I just saw this article that said the Knicks would not be able to obtain CP3,so do the Knicks really stand a chance to get him?

  • Pavlos Georgiou posted 2302 days ago

    Pavlos Georgiou

    I was actually going to make a video-mix showcasing all dantonis late game strategies that have not worked so far....and surprisingly most of them end up with a missed 3 even when down by 1 or 2 points. i was trying to keep all my mixes positive after amares signing - - i hope youve checked out my mixes (Pavs Productions) such as The Road to the Playoffs and etc....

    keep up the good work- im loving this site as its probably one of the most active websites for our knicks during this dreadful summer!!!

  • Pavlos Georgiou posted 2305 days ago

    Pavlos Georgiou

    hello Sunil, I hope you can consider an additional change i wrote about in the latest article of mike dantoni changes needed to make for next season. correct me if im wrong but not once have we witnessed these past 3 years a well executed offensive plan coming off a timeout late in games... coming from a so-called offensive genius late in games.
    He needs to change his strategies as you dont always have to go for a 3 to win it all at end of games

  • Delores Smith-Johnson posted 2316 days ago

    Delores Smith-Johnson

    You're welcome!