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Hi, I'm Chad Scott and I was born and raised in Boise, Id. I was a first team all-state catcher in high school, played baseball at the college level, and even played in some summer leagues such as the Alaska League. After a shoulder injury that I still haven't recovered from I ended my career and am now a Captain in the U.S. Army where I completed a 12 month tour in Iraq.. I have a wife named Lindsay, a son named Trajan, and a daughter named Allora and we are stationed at Fort Lee in Virginia. I have a BA in Sociology/Anthropology with an emphasis in Criminology and attended three colleges including Boise State.

Despite my baseball background I am a huge college football really huge. My favorite team is Boise State (obviously since I grew up there). But I will watch almost any college football. I also like MLB and my favorite team is the LA Angels.

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  • Zach Dulin posted 2233 days ago

    Zach Dulin

    All time favorite writer on is nice to see someone write non biased work that reflects the majority of sports fans. Keep it up!!!

  • Lynzi S. posted 2233 days ago

    Lynzi S.

    @Stunt N' i hope you realize that not only are your pathetic attempts at wit/comments completely classless and inappropriate, but they make you look like a brainless moron as well. i pity your idiocy.

  • Stunt N' posted 2247 days ago

    Stunt N'

    Tebow 4 hesiman.

  • Stunt N' posted 2256 days ago

    Stunt N'

    Bye bye Bwronkos!

  • Stunt N' posted 2260 days ago

    Stunt N'

    Chad I love arguing with Boise St. bwronko lovers, it is funny as hell! Go TCU! Oh, cant wait for the next 'Boise punch-line article too! keep em' coming, I know you will!

  • Stunt N' posted 2261 days ago

    Stunt N'


  • Chad Scott posted 2286 days ago

    Chad Scott

    @S. Ford- Good call

  • S. Ford posted 2289 days ago

    S. Ford

    Hey Chad, you may want to change your All time sports moment to Boise State winning the Fiesta Bowl in 2007. In 2005 we experienced out last home loss to Boston College in the MPC Computers Bowl.

  • Lynzi S. posted 2324 days ago

    Lynzi S.

    Loving all the articles you're writing! Keep 'em coming! GO BSU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!