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  • daniel magnuson posted 1283 days ago

    daniel magnuson

    texan *below

  • daniel magnuson posted 1283 days ago

    daniel magnuson

    I was and still am a hater of our move to the big. Being a texas I wish we were still playing the teams we belong with #big12

  • Chinese Lil Wayne posted 1341 days ago

    Chinese Lil Wayne

    For your choice in the conferences, have you forgotten about the SEC? We're competitive in EVERYTHING. Baseball LSU has 5 NCs, Basketball Kentucky has a lot, and Florida's good. In football we're just the gold standard.

  • daniel magnuson posted 1593 days ago

    daniel magnuson

    Im happy as long as Mac Brown is at Texas . As a proud native Texan it embarrasses me but at the same time I root for a different team . I love to watch the annual Oklahoma run over Texas and win by 60 and watch mac brown get mad at his team . Then watch them lose to Iowa state or another inferior team like BYU beat them . Mac Brown is hardly a coach . He is really just a big Texas fan . Hopefully they dont make the BIG 12 look bad and they can beat Ole miss .

  • Chubby1 posted 1854 days ago


    BOOM! Oh and Go Gators :)

  • Cody Brown posted 2010 days ago

    Cody Brown

    I think this years Texas team will be the best Texas team since 08 and 09. Heres why- A strong run game with a deep, talented back field ( I have their backfield ranked 3rd behind Bama and LSUs) and a much improved, strong D, is a winning formula for championships. And if theres doubt to that, look at the past 6 national champs (except for Auburn-their D wasnt great but made up for having probably the best college QB of the last 10 years). As for their defense, I dont think theres a reason why they cant be Mack Brown's best unit ever (the D that is), but the Manny Diaz D being SEC style ( alot of blitzing, being big, physical, fast up front) is paying great dividends. I think Texas is a top 10 team this year, easy. And, being a modest Bama fan, id like to see Texas and Bama go at it again, time will only tell though. Im not a rude or obnoxious Bama fan either.

    But again, this is only my opinion above ^, and I came to this wall because you seem to be a knowledgable poster on the Longhorns football program. What do you think?

  • dan barber posted 2094 days ago

    dan barber

    wow LJ you're one to talk about michael T. when you're probably worse than he is and you're... oh wait you're a tea sip that hurts enough, i won't insult you.

  • john cory posted 2134 days ago

    john cory

    LJ, do you notice how when the aggie Michael T writes about something that just has to do with their team no one responds to him, I believe he writes articles sure to draw Texas fans in to run up his responses, I am bowing out of his latest article , I have loaded up enough but all said at the end of the day he is still an aggie and that has to hurt.
    The horns are on the way back.