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  • Shane M posted 2092 days ago

    Shane M

    Jimmy Graham least clutch player for N.O.?

    Who are you writing for... Doonesbury? You have replaced Goodell on many lists now.

  • Geoffrey Morton posted 2174 days ago

    Geoffrey Morton

    Thank you so much for putting MJD in the top five players of 2011. His actions go so unnoticed because of how bad the Jaguars are but I think he is the best running back in the league. Not many running backs in history could get the NFL rushing title coming off of a major knee surgery with the league's worst passing attack (meaning 8 men in the box a lot of the time). I have no idea why MJD wasn't even in the discussion for MVP. I think he should've been runner up to Aaron Rodgers. That's just me, but thank you for recognizing his incredible talent.

  • Robert Lewis posted 2179 days ago

    Robert Lewis

    Gordon, on the Patriots most devastating missed FG, you missed on the Patriots. Adam Vinateiri had the most devastating miss (despite making the 4 biggest FGs in franchise history, Rams, Raiders twice, Panthers). In Pete Carroll's final season as Pats coach just preceding Belichick in 1999, Adam hit the upright on a chip shot 32-yd FG attempt against the KC Chiefs resulting in a 16-14 loss in week 6. It may have started the Pats dynasty as the Pats finished as an 8-8 team (rather than 9-7). Carroll gets fired and the rest is history. Adam rarely missed from inside 40 in his life, so that miss not only was devastating but it did ultimately cost the team a playoff spot, and a coach his job for missing playoffs.

  • Gordon Block posted 2278 days ago

    Gordon Block

    Tom's name has been pulled from the slideshow Mavyrk. Thank you so much for letting me know.

  • Mavyrk King posted 2278 days ago

    Mavyrk King

    On your recent article on each team's most informative Twitter accounts, you have @TomKowalski36 listed. Unfortunately, Tom Kowalski passed away on August 29th.

    Just letting you know you should probably correct that.

  • Gordon Block posted 2307 days ago

    Gordon Block

    Thanks Dylan!

  • Dylan MacNamara posted 2307 days ago

    Dylan MacNamara

    hip-hop/QB piece is an instant classic.

  • ronald garcia posted 2315 days ago

    ronald garcia

    hey gordon i dont think the 49ers are gonna get swept by the rams or the cardinals remember we got the cardinals number will at least when one game against the cardinals an one against the rams get your facts straight dude.

  • Dan Israeli posted 2331 days ago

    Dan Israeli

    Hey Gordon, just wrote a top ten list on the fantasy football impact of the biggest signings and trades. Check it out!