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Charlie Melman was a Featured Columnist and member of B/R's official team of football writers who got into the sport too late to pursue what would surely have been a successful professional playing career.

An emotionally exhausted Arsenal fan, he strives to grow the sport by delivering quality analysis to a global audience.

Follow him on Twitter: @charliemelman

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  • Joseph Wilson posted 1092 days ago

    Joseph Wilson

    Can you or someone write an article on how stupid it was for Sagna to join Manchester City? Has he played any minutes there, and did he seriously expect to usurp Zabaleta?

  • Shawn C posted 1306 days ago

    Shawn C

    Thanks for the shoutout during the Norwich match Charlie....hope all is well

  • Amin Aria posted 1367 days ago

    Amin Aria

    Sardar Azmoun has said himself that he is was in talks with Arsenal about a potential transfer. This is becoming big news in russia where he plays for Rubin Kazan.

  • Gianni Verschueren posted 1412 days ago

    Gianni Verschueren

    Thanks for the tweet in your live blog Charlie, much appreciated

  • Muhammad Ezandy posted 1443 days ago

    Muhammad Ezandy

    Hey Charlie that you ? keep up the great work

  • Ashish Patil posted 1447 days ago

    Ashish Patil

    Wow, an Ozil doppelganger.

  • John Zayne posted 1465 days ago

    John Zayne

    Wow, your picture is so disturbing man. Please, delete that asap.

  • The Gunners posted 1491 days ago

    The Gunners

    why the hell should Diaby retire? sure he's seriously injury prone but he is committed to the game and arsenal. Even if injuries persist and he comes back at the age of 31, he still does have a few YEARS of playing for arsenal or any another club

  • Vincent Leung posted 1491 days ago

    Vincent Leung

    Your article on players who should retire is rubbish. Have you watched Del Piero and Heskey play in the A-league? They are marquee signings in a young developing league. They are there to expand the sport in Australia and help it become a stronger league. Before you can say this player should retire, you have to look at their influence on the team. Ryan Giggs is not just there to play, he is there to also coach and influence his teams off the pitch.

    No offence you don't know what you are writing about.

  • guy mcdude posted 1492 days ago

    guy mcdude

    literally every single commenter so far has disagreed with your article on players who should retire and thinks its complete garbage. great job!